November 16, 2006

Speedflying (QuickTime video): and Speedriding (QuickTime). OMG. (called out by Ben Saunders, expeditioner and SpoFite.)

posted by worldcup2002 to extreme at 12:14 PM - 7 comments

Gah! I'm getting airsick just watching.

posted by dusted at 01:23 PM on November 16, 2006

I just barfed all over my keyboard. Excellent video, crazy guys.

posted by bobrolloff at 03:47 PM on November 16, 2006

excellent video, it almost made me want it to be winter. Then I remembered that I can't ski.

posted by kyrilmitch_76 at 09:45 PM on November 16, 2006

that looks amazingly fun but i'd be too scared to get going down the mountain

posted by bronxbomber at 10:16 PM on November 16, 2006

My God. Those people are insane. Looks like helluva insane fun too!!!!

posted by jmd82 at 11:42 AM on November 17, 2006

Dayummmmm, don't kow whether to go watch a Miller film or "The Man who Skied Down Everest" after that

posted by elovrich at 04:54 AM on November 18, 2006

Wow. Just wow.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 10:43 AM on November 20, 2006

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