September 06, 2002

More post-game video review reversals.: This one will rankle you Man City fans and Fantasy League players. The FA just decided that Nicolas Anelka's hattrick against Everton was, well, more like a brace. One of the goals has now been ruled an own goal by Everton's Radzinski. I can see them reversing sending-offs, but was this really necessary? Will lawsuits ensue from disgruntled teams, players, punters? Could Anelka lose a bonus? Miss out on a Golden Boot award? Are my Fantasy League opponents going to lose points (heh heh)?

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The FA has a "Dubious Goals Panel"? Who woulda thunk it? And how'd they decide a goal is not a goal? Seems like in this case, it was a direct free kick deflected into goal. I think if it was from a cross or a corner there might be grounds for an own goal, but not from a direct kick. This sort of deflection is usually labeled "unfortunate," not an own goal. Who are these "established figures" who make these numbskull decisions? Were they selected by the "Hire Unemployed Footballers" Panel?

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:02 PM on September 06, 2002

This is indeed strange and seems to be diving into details a bit too much. On the other hand, Anelka isn't on my fantasy team, so I should be ok.

posted by trox at 04:02 PM on September 06, 2002

Anelka is on my team and I am bloody annoyed. I hate him and his team, it took a lot to pick him. So I will lose points. I also have had Beckham in my team from day one yet got no points for his performance against Chelsea. I suspect a conspiracy.

posted by Fat Buddha at 06:50 PM on September 06, 2002

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