October 27, 2006

No compromise here!: Every year since 1998 (and a few years before that) Ireland and Australia have come together to play International Rules Football, which used to be called Compromise Rules, it is a mixture of Gaelic Football and Australian Football. (Wikipedia) But recently there have been more than a few complaints about this game, and whether or not it is of value to either footballing code, given that neither body of players can really demonstrate what their game is all about. The first match of this year's season is on tomorrow in Galway, Ireland. With the second and final match being played next week in Dublin. Both games look like being sell-outs

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Probably not of interest to many people outside Ireland and Australia, but who knows :)

posted by Fence at 06:23 AM on October 27, 2006

Is anyone else out there having a hard time watching this years World Series Games? I can't get past the 2 prejudice announcers giving the games description. Do you think that "Fox" could have gotten someone else, other than the "Cardinal" announcer, Joe Buck and former "Cardinal" catcher, Tim McCarver? It's really annoying how one sided they are presenting the game to us. And do we really need all those commercials? They spend more time presenting the commercials than playing time. I really think watching this years games are a bummer when it should be enjoyable; and I'm not rooting for either Detroit or St.Louis, I'm just another baseball fan in general. Rose Marie, Fl.

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Well Fence, I was going to pop in to say I always find this kind of thing interesting (just don't have much to say about it), but then that happened. And now I'm confused.

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Agreed,yerfatma,I,too am curious about other country's sporting news,but after bronxgirl's remarks,I am a little confused myself. Are McCarver and Buck calling that game too?

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Wow has this been happening a lot lately.

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/On topic The Australian press has been covering this series from two main angles: - last time they went to Ireland, apparently everyone on the team spent the time partying, but this time they are going to take it seriously - while not condoning the violence perpretrated by the Australians last year, phwoar, it was good to watch, wasn't it? And a minor point, the selection of Brisbane's Michael Voss (age 33, retired) showed that deep down no-one was really taking it seriously, or possibly that no-one really knows what kind of AFL players should be picked for a game with a different set of rules and a round ball.

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Looks like the Australian players have been having a good time this year, supposedly Fevola has been sent home after getting involved in a brawl in a Galway nightclub. Ireland won the first test by 8 points on Sat., which means that if Australia want to retain the Cormac McAnallen cup they'll have to win by more than 8 points this coming Sunday.

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