September 14, 2006

Barca's famous shirt now has a sponsor's logo:: But it's not what you think.

posted by owlhouse to soccer at 02:51 AM - 10 comments

When I read this, I was suffused with a warm inner glow. Sort of sponsorship in reverse. One calculation has Barca donating more than GBP 1 million per year to UNICEF. I've worked on projects with UNICEF, and from my experience in the field, that's a lot of assistance to children in need. And I hope the shirts sell, and sell, and sell.

posted by owlhouse at 02:53 AM on September 14, 2006

That's really cool. And it leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling too. From everything I've seen UNICEF does a lot of good for kids all over the world that mostly get ignored by the international spotlight. It's enough to make anyone want to cheer for FC Barca.

posted by ShortyLongstrokin at 05:18 AM on September 14, 2006

Almost. No, seriously, this is really cool.

posted by chicobangs at 06:13 AM on September 14, 2006

Very nice. Please forgive me, I have to ask... Does this mean Ronaldinho is gonna carry around one of those little change boxes all game?

posted by YukonGold at 09:13 AM on September 14, 2006

Yeah, but he'll hang it off his ponytail like one of Santa's reindeer. This could be a whole nother level of sponsorship for him. Joga friggin' bonito-ho-ho.

posted by chicobangs at 10:04 AM on September 14, 2006

I read this was in the works a few months back and it's great to see the "sponsorship" come through. Time to edit the "favorite teams" section in the ol' profile.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 10:27 AM on September 14, 2006

Driving to the office this morning I heard the new Soul Asylum song, Crazy World or something like that's the title, but the main refrain is like "everyone's got guns, everything's about money." And then I come in and see this beautiful choice. Barca Si!

posted by billsaysthis at 12:42 PM on September 14, 2006

OMG, this is brilliant. What a stark contrast to Real Madrid. I'm going to buy me one a dem Barca shirts. and, btw, Ronaldinho will still kick anyone's ass even if he's holding a UNICEF change box in each hand all game.

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:23 PM on September 14, 2006

Well done Barca.

posted by squealy at 01:37 PM on September 15, 2006

Think this is great, but what's not clear is how long the logo is on the shirts and whether they're selling any with it on.

posted by walrus at 05:30 PM on September 16, 2006

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