August 23, 2006

Hidden: USA Men's Soccer: Has anyone heard anything on the search for the new U.S. National Coach?

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Nothing in your link says anything that speaks to your question. This thread will probably be deleted soon. After googling around, there's nothing indicating anything's happening any time soon on this front. The Men's team has no matches scheduled for the next few months, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

posted by chicobangs at 05:09 PM on August 23, 2006

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posted by holden at 05:27 PM on August 23, 2006

I honestly wonder if the US Soccer Federation is serious about progressing US Soccer.

posted by igottheblues at 05:29 PM on August 23, 2006

You think they're in it just for kicks?

posted by DrJohnEvans at 05:31 PM on August 23, 2006

Rumor has it that they are saying the Jergen Klinzmann is considering taking over... He has basically switched his whole staff with Americans, which he got a lot of heat from Germany during the World Cup...

posted by tsmith930 at 06:15 PM on August 23, 2006

This is soccer. Does anyone really care?

posted by patrickm at 09:07 PM on August 23, 2006

I would love to take over the US National Team Coaching job.... But I only have a USSF 'D' I working towards first upgrading to a higher license. But as far as qualification, I have over 26 years of athletic human performance research in the sport of soccer, that my soccer finishing and condition training programs are both based on... So basically, I could take any descent group of soccer players, no need for any soccer stars of any kind, just average soccer players in good health, from here in the United States, and create the best technical and cardiovascular fit soccer team in the world, in less than a year of training... I also have years of international soccer playing experience, so I know what it takes to be the best on the soccer field from a player and a coaching perspective. I am working towards and planning on coaching a national soccer team in the next World Cup in 2010, and I hope it can be the US National team, but I will take any descent offer that comes first. Please whish me luck...

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posted by bronxbomber at 01:11 AM on August 24, 2006

The longer it stays quiet the more likely it becomes that Klinsmann will be the new manager. I think they don't want to make it look like he quit Germany for the USA. I hope it stays out of the news for a while longer. I'll gladly wait as long as it takes for the Golden Bomber.

posted by wduchene at 01:35 AM on August 24, 2006

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