August 23, 2006

Hidden: The grass is Greener in Shea: Shawn Green was traded to the Mets, I think its a good addition to their team, and he and Carlos Delgado are reunited.

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How is it a good addition? What's distinctive about this trade move over others that other teams have made in the wake of placing regulars on the DL, etc? Give us an angle to get this thread going! beef?

posted by jerseygirl at 10:33 AM on August 23, 2006

If the 49ers want to win a few, they should start Dilfer and let Smith learn a little longer.

posted by poppopp1945 at 10:40 AM on August 23, 2006

That wasn't the angle I was looking for, Larry.

posted by jerseygirl at 10:41 AM on August 23, 2006

This is a tough crowd! I think that he adds a solid left handed bat to the lineup, (although he does not have as much pop as he once had) is bound to be better than Floyd has been this year, and may improve the chemistry of the team, he certainly should not hurt it. And, he may fit in very well with the fans, due to his Jewish Faith. He's always seemed like a decent fellow to me, and a chance to play in the post season is deserving I think. The article goes into detail about why the Mets like the aquisition, and he may be an interesting part of what looks like a possible "Subway Series". Heh, heh, couldn't resist that one.

posted by mjkredliner at 10:50 AM on August 23, 2006

"I think you try to make your pitching better whenever you can," the GM said. "And one way to do it is to improve the lineup to make it easier to pitch." That's a beauty. "Since we totally failed to do the one thing we really needed to do at the trade deadline -- add a starting pitcher -- we are going to try to make the guys who are hovering around a 5.00 ERA in the middle of our rotation look better by scoring more runs." And to do that, they picked up a guy who is hitting .261 with runners in scoring position (given a whopping 130+ such opportunities) and has only 51 RBI's. His .429 slugging percentage is actually behind that of Endy Chavez. He's hitting .239 lifetime at Shea with 3 homers in 88 ABs. Green's career has been in an inexplicable freefall for the last four seasons. He's only 33 and isn't prone to going on the DL. What happened to this guy? The upside of this deal is the message that Minaya and the decision makers on the Mets are sending to fans: if we are going to have to overpay in desperation, we're a lot more willing to draw from the bank account than from the prospect pool. Good for them on that.

posted by BullpenPro at 11:58 AM on August 23, 2006

Yes, regarding Greens lack of production the last few years, I am kinda surprised that no one has mentioned the 'S' word in connection with his name. But, he is a still a streaky hitter, if he gets hot, he could be valuable come playoff time.

posted by mjkredliner at 12:14 PM on August 23, 2006

I dont like the trade at all. To me Shawn Green is a huge mistake. I would have rathered they picked up some more starting pitching. The Mets are not suffering with the loss of Cliff Floyd as of yet. They are on a 5 game winning streak. Not only that but, Chavez has been filling in nicely. I understand that the need a left handed out field bat. But NOT SHAWN GREEN. and I am kinda surprised that no one has mentioned the 'S' word in connection with his name. Did you see him the last couple of years? He never was a big built guy. BUT WOW! he looks like he been hitting the pipe compared to those days on the Blue Jays. I hope the fact that him and Delgado are friends can help with his comfort level. But this trade scares me... Especially next year. What the hell are we(The Mets) gonna do with an 11 home run Corner out fielder with no speed? SHOULD HAVE TRADED FOR ALFONSO SORIANO

posted by Robb Dubbs at 01:54 PM on August 23, 2006

Did he need fake press credentials to get in?

posted by Psycho at 02:18 PM on August 23, 2006

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