July 01, 2006

Hidden: Jr Wins Busch Race - Yet Another Busch Waker wins the Race: NASCAR Needs to do something about the buschwakers cause there has only been one race where a Cup Reqular Did not win the Race and that was David Gillilands Win if these Cup Guys, Who Virtually have unlimited money compared to the Busch Guys, Keep Dominating in the Busch Series than there will be no future for the Nextel Cup, Cause the the teams will never get enough $$Money$$ to be competive therefore once they get in Cup they wont be competive unless there owned by team like DEI, RCR, Hendrick, Roush, Gannassi, and Yates Also if you notice 7 of the Top 10 drivers in the Busch Standings are Cup regulars and all the top five drivers are Cup regulars - Busch Standings Oh and in Last Nights race Cup Drivers are screwing up the Busch Drivers like Carl Edwards caused a Multi-Car Crash and a lot of these teams cant afford to fix there cars cause the Cup Guys are taking all the Top Spots with the Cash In the End if NASCAR Does nothing than both the Cup and the Busch Series will go down and Ttrucks will rise as they have the most competive Racing in NASCAR and also they have the Closet finishes and most wins have come from Truck Requlars

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Also sorry for Posting so late I just wasnt home last night

posted by your-money9388 at 04:02 PM on July 01, 2006

oh found better link Click Here also 8 Cup Guys finished in theTop Ten John Andreti and Mike Wallace were the only NON-Cup Regulars to come up with a Top 10 in the Race

posted by your-money9388 at 04:03 PM on July 01, 2006

If any cup drivers are allowed to race in the bush series it should be limited to rookies only. And as a driver only not a part of the dominate larger cup series teams. Jim

posted by Jim C59 at 11:17 AM on July 03, 2006

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