May 25, 2006

Rooney may only play as early as World Cup second round: ... if England make it that far. "The exact position will be ascertained today when Rooney undergoes a hospital scan on his broken metatarsal. There is no doubt the striker has made encouraging progress, but he has been informed in the last 24 hours that there is only a slender chance, at best, of him appearing for England before June 24."

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And don't forget the conspiracy theory! Alex Ferguson just fired ManU's doctor. No FA member will be there for the scan, and Ferguson doesn't want Rooney to go. Crazy stuff...

posted by sauril at 01:17 PM on May 25, 2006

The FA can demand that UEFA order Man Utd to allow Rooney to be examined by an FA doctor, so the premise of that conspiracy theory would seem far-fetched.

posted by walrus at 01:22 PM on May 25, 2006

The Guardian article also addressed the firing of Rooney's doctor:

Stone's departure was precipitated by a series of rows with Sir Alex Ferguson and the assistant manager Carlos Queiroz, going back more than a year, but had nothing to do with the treatment he was giving to Rooney. Stone, who declined to comment yesterday, is now considering his legal position after joining the list of Old Trafford employees who have discovered that Ferguson will not tolerate anyone who questions his authority.
I think the fact that he came out all optimistic about Rooney was certainly a contributing factor, the last straw perhaps, but not the main reason for his firing. You just don't mess with Fergie!

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You just don't mess with Fergie! With everything that's happened at United in the last six months, it makes one wonder whether Fergie's power and control are best for the club. First Keane is out, Ruud appears to be on his way, and now this with the much admired club doctor. Is Fergie's value to the club greater than the sum of these three men and the effect this will all have on those who keep their mouths shut?

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 02:35 PM on May 25, 2006

Fergie's an old-style manager, and those are a dying breed these days. I'm not saying he's past his sell date, because he's still a good manager, but the mark of a good manager is also how he evolves in response to changing times. Players have more power than ever, and thus have no reason to be afraid of Sir Alex's hairdryer treatment - van Nistelrooy will land on his feet wherever he goes, as did Keane and Beckham. Presumably so will the doc. Ferguson needs to realize that he can't intimidate his way to a championship any more - but as an Arsenal supporter, I hope it takes a few more years for that realization to set in.

posted by Toxteth O'Grady at 02:59 PM on May 25, 2006

Ferguson has always been fond of saying that if anyone disputes the managers authority there's only one word to say to them: goodbye. He's also fond of shifting people on just before the end of their prime whilst he can still make a profit on them, and bringing in better players. Beckham has been poor since leaving United, as were Kanchelskis, Hughes, Stam to an extent, etc. Keane's finished. And he has a bright young squad which with two or three shrewd additions could be challenging for the title for the next few years. Also, what he's achieved in the league with a threadbare squad this season against the financial might of Chelsea and a resurgent Liverpool isn't to be sneezed at. If he moves on RVN and brings in ... I don't know ... Owen? Then that decision may not seem so wierd either. He doesn't always get it right, but he's one of the most successful British managers ever, so he must be doing ok. I seem to be full of sweetness and light towards the arl enemy tonight, I don't know what's come over me. It must be that tear in my eye after reliving Istanbul on the DVD player on the first anniversary ;-)

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Should have said Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke as well. You get the picture hopefully.

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