April 23, 2006

Hidden: Spurs Hand Kings Worst Playoff Loss Ever : No matter how far the San Antonio Spurs go in search of another NBA title, Tony Parker thinks they might never match their practically perfect first half in their first playoff game of the spring.

posted by defrag3x to basketball at 01:31 PM - 4 comments

i think ron artest is crying his ass off

posted by defrag3x at 01:32 PM on April 23, 2006

Dude, if you can't think of anything better to write than the AP slug, the link might not be worth posting.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 02:54 PM on April 23, 2006

The Kings suck. They're goin get killed by the Spurs in 4 straight games.

posted by Chinese Monkey81 at 02:55 PM on April 23, 2006

i have been watching the spurs since they were the "'06 Trailblazers". The spurs are going to have trouble with these easy series in the playoffs. The kings are WAY better than an 8 seed. they could easily have been a 5 seed if they had artest the whole year. spurs are going to the finals and loose in 7 to the pistons but only cause timmy looks like my freekin grandma on the basketball court.

posted by dhump09 at 09:23 PM on May 03, 2006

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