July 17, 2002

Selig and Loria sued under RICO: 14 former minority Expos owners have filed suit claiming the gruesome twosome conspired to destroy baseball in Montreal. I think the charges are likely true, but is there a chance they'll be able to prove it?

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I am somewhat torn on this case. On the one hand, there is little doubt that Loria engaged in a particularly single-minded sort of anti-marketing. On the other hand it appears to have been more or less legal. Of course, as baseball and Selig's representatives are claiming, it could simply be a cash grab. A particularly astute cash grab, if you consider the highly secretive attitude baseball has towards its books; I find it entirely conceivable that the plaintiffs strategy is to request the financial records, thus guaranteeing a better deal at settlement when they agree to keep these details secret. All right, now I'm leaning towards the cash grab theory, but it amuses me greatly to see Bud charged with racketeering and wire fraud, whatever that is, and also that baseball's reluctance to show anyone the real books is likely making them vulnerable in lawsuits. On preview, this rant might be less than completely coherent, but please understand that what baseball has done to the Expos can drive a man to drink.

posted by alex_reno at 02:14 AM on July 17, 2002

I tried to post here before but must have got lost in cyberhell. My question is, what is the rationale for filing suit in the US? I know RICO pays treble damages...but is not there a Canadian equivalent to RICO? RICOEH? Wouldn't a Canadian venue be more sympathetic to the plaintiffs?

posted by vito90 at 03:34 PM on July 17, 2002

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