December 25, 2005

Hidden: Castro calls Bush 'very much a fool' for WBC snub : HAVANA (AP) -- Fidel Castro said Friday that the Bush administration was wrong to prohibit Cuba from sending a team to next year's World Baseball Classic.

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sports & politics mix - as do my opinions here. A). Unfortunately we alienated a great mind in the 50's 60's - did you know he played minor league baseball here too? - and wanted American affiliation -but nothing will be resolved politically until his death & the totalitarianism of Fidel is challenged. B). The politics of Florida is highly based on Cuban heritage (anti Castro) & it’s a proven "swing" state. But can we really blame Bush for the long-standing following of government embargo policy. (like the policy or not)- the donation to Katrina victims is nice! C. El Duque, Jose Contreras, et al. - they deserve the global forum, but will be left out. Not fair! D). I hold dear the Olympic ideals of coming together on the field of play, ready to set aside all but the spirit of fair competition - & the Cubans should not be denied - as the "amateur" champs of non MLB competition. Even over that twerp Valentine’s boys! E). I have agreed with little that Bud S. has done- however – the WCB tourney on a 4 year basis – after 2009 will lead to the globalization of baseball & I find that he must have stumbled on a great idea!!!!!!!! F). I t will make for great Baseball – and the team that is that first to figure out that team effort can beat a group of individuals will excel.

posted by knuckleballer at 08:31 PM on December 25, 2005

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