October 19, 2005

Hidden: Umpires do more damage than steroids: Umpires are doing far more damage to the game than steroids. Not only do they want to effect the outcome of the game, they want to be part of the show. Forget Conti. How about an investigation into umpires that require press conferences to explain their inability to make the correct call and justify their incompitence.

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The league is trying to create parity by reducing those close calls which often decide a game, and making them random events. Two identical pitches often get two different calls. The players just shake their heads, and cash their pay check at the end of the month. Even the managers are blase, when the Angels were stiffed on that call, Scosia said, well we didn't play well enough to win. Oh god I can hear Billy Martin rolling over in his grave.

posted by Two Buck Chuck at 10:23 AM on October 19, 2005

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