October 10, 2005

Is Daly back?! Hopefully, for the game's sake, but his putter and Tiger weigh in - : In the midst of mediocre football and incredible baseball, the two most arguably polarizing PGA pros provided high drama. Plus, interested in agreement or disgust with the notion that Tirico, Faldo, Azinger make the most genuine, insightful, and quality golf broadcast team in recent memory.

posted by littleLebowski to golf at 12:27 PM - 10 comments

great to see jd back but he better practice his short game if he's going up against tiger (not that he is doing much better) if he does we will be seeing some outrageous golf in the future

posted by FrankySP at 02:58 PM on October 10

I don't know- I was playing John Daly just last night at Colonial in Tiger Woods 2005, and the fucker birdied every goddamn hole but the 17th!

posted by hincandenza at 05:37 PM on October 10

I'd like to be discouraged at only winning $750K for a weekend of playing golf.

posted by mr_crash_davis at 06:16 PM on October 10

Thank God someone's keepin' it real around here. Where would we be without a refreshing dose of salt of the Earth? The money is there because the drama brings viewers.

posted by yerfatma at 06:24 PM on October 10

Interesting to note who wasn't discouraged. Monty seemed thrilled to be third. He'd have won more (important tournaments, maybe even majors) if he wasn't so psychologically normal (in certain respects). He has far to strong a sense of golf's importance in the grander scheme of things (i.e. none whatsoever) to really excel like the guys who can convince themselves (and sometimes go a long way towards convincing everyone else) that there is nothing in the world more vital. Nice to see a course that had gone to seed being returned to a state of glory. It looked like a good test too (although I didn't see all that much golf at the weekend I must confess).

posted by JJ at 06:32 PM on October 10

As for the commentator question - in the UK, we get Ewan Murray and Bruce Critchley. I can say without fear of contradiction that no matter how good or bad your lot are, they're better than the humourless idiots we are forced to endure each week. Faldo has always been good on the BBC when he does the odd stint in the box at the Open. I can imagine Zinger being very good in a similar way - I don't imagine either of them pull many punches.

posted by JJ at 06:35 PM on October 10

As interesting as the golf was, so was the immediate aftermath. Tiger was very humbled and visibly disappointed in the manner of the outcome - Daly made no excuses - and, coming from someone who used to hate him, I'm with you on Monty, JJ. Very refreshing. IMHO, Faldo and Zinger bring insight that few others do, and without all the personal posturing (i.e., Curtis Strange and Jonny Miller make me want to toss my cookies). And, they genuinely have fun, while being both complimentary and pleasantly critical.

posted by littleLebowski at 09:40 PM on October 10

I always thought of Faldo as a robot-like player. Zinger was just the opposite - a very emotional player. Who'd-a-thunk they'd go so well together in the booth. Tirico is OK, but I'd love to see Faldo and Zinger teamed with Fairway Faherty or McCord. Then the listening would be as much fun as the watching.

posted by drevl at 09:41 AM on October 11

Zinger will always be one of my favs - especially with how close he was to Payne (who, for me, has led to golf just not being the same without him).

posted by littleLebowski at 09:54 AM on October 11

Daly is a world class player, but it might be helpful if his caddy slows him down just a bit. Had he taken 30 more seconds on 17, I don't think he would have 3 putted and we would all be saying that J.D. is back and strong.

posted by glfjunke at 12:07 PM on October 12

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