July 06, 2005

Allen goes on green, leaving the Cavs with code Redd.: Looks like the LeBron, Ray Allen fiasco is over, according to ESPN.com's Chad Ford. Allen reportedly agreed to a 5-year $80 million dollar contract, leaving one option left for the rebuilding Cavs. Michael Redd. Unfortunately, the Milwaukee Bucks have already offered Redd a $80 million dollar contract also.

posted by The_Intern to basketball at 01:03 AM - 5 comments

(I changed your link to the actual story instead of the nba frontpage.)

posted by justgary at 01:22 AM on July 06, 2005

I for one, hope Redd trades in some cash for the chance to build something special with Lebron.

posted by mayerkyl at 07:50 AM on July 06, 2005

If you got thos two on a team together and LeBron learned to penetrate and kick out...That's scary.

posted by rockin_the_suburbs at 11:24 AM on July 06, 2005

i live in cleveland and im praying we get redd

posted by gregy606 at 12:37 PM on July 06, 2005

Redd is not going anywhere. Due to the fact that hes their new franchise player.

posted by Rage Rod 74 at 06:13 PM on July 07, 2005

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