July 06, 2005

Lance or Team USA?: Lance Armstrong is a great athlete. He's won 6 straight Tour de France titles. He's a cancer surviver. And he's cycling for the United States of America. These are all obvious facts about Lance Armstrong, but I would much rather see a Team USA win than a Lance Armstrong blowout. Dave Zabriskie, Armstrong's teammate crashed today to give Lance the lead, but from what I understand, fans are more excited about Zabriskies' crash, than concerned. Don't get me wrong, I think Lance Armstrong is the Best Male athlete in the world of sports. But I think we should give his teammates some respect also.

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1. Dave Zabriskie is not Lance Armstrong's teammate. Zabriskie rides for CSC, while Armstrong rides for Discovery. 2. No one is excited to see Zabriskie crash, although some may be happy that Lance is wearing yellow. 3. It's best to simply describe the link and save your commentary for the comments section. You've posted 4 links and only one comment! Try hanging around more before posting so much to the front page.

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For those interested, here's a torrent of stage 4, which was incredible. The tension just builds and builds as the teams come in. It was the tightest team time trial I've ever seen, and Paul and Phil said they've never seen a better one (and they've seen quite a few).

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2. No one is excited to see Zabriskie crash, although some may be happy that Lance is wearing yellow. Also, word is that Lance didn't want to wear the jersey today, citing the tradition of leaving it empty if it's lost through a crash. There are differing reports on the cause of Zabriskie's crash, btw. Zabriskie said his chain slipped, but Ivan Basso said it looked otherwise.

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interesting, however the Goat cheese sounds delicious!

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I would much rather see a Team USA win than a Lance Armstrong blowout Of course, there is no Team USA; the teams all have corporate sponsors. And each team is composed of riders from various countries. The Americans in the Tour are spread out among numerous teams, such that Lance is on Discovery and Zabriskie is on CSC. If you were going to say that there is a Team USA, these would probably be the two logical choices. Discovery is based in the U.S. though no doubt it has some foreign ownership somewhere. CSC is actually a Denmark company, but is also based in the U.S.

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If The_Intern revisits this thread in, say, the next week and deigns to comment, I'll -- hm... I'll take a picture of myself in a polka-dotted jersey, eating a Goat Cheese burger. With SPOFI written across my forehead.

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chico, that would be so easy to set up. paging The_Intern, paging The_Intern!

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He's gotta come in on his own power, though. No coercion.

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*whistles past the graveyard*

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Don't tempt me, chico! You'd never be able to prove a thing!

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