April 22, 2005

The blog of a bench warmer: I don't know if any of you are fans of the sports guy but he's fallen in love with Paul Shirley from his blog, and has him answering questions . I think Shirley is a really funny writer, with an elevated sense of reality in the NBA- meaning, he hasn't forgotten that he still lives on earth, with the rest of us mortals.

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So, why can't all the new posters be like markovitch? Welcome and good post!

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:33 AM on April 23, 2005

Shirley's stuiff is hilarious -- it's actually kind of cool to get the perspective of someone on the margins of the NBA. A Nick Carraway of the NBA scene, so to speak. Ditto to wc2k2's comment -- good post, markovitch.

posted by holden at 10:59 AM on April 23, 2005

That was some of the best and funniest writing I have read in a while. I hope Shirley finds a venue to keep it up.

posted by ignoreland at 11:34 AM on April 23, 2005

This is indeed a great post. Its only flaw is that it's been posted before. But this is probably worth posting twice.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 12:38 PM on April 23, 2005

welcome, indeed!

posted by garfield at 01:50 PM on April 23, 2005

Shirley is really good. And I don't mean to speak out of turn, but many of us are fans of the Sports Guy. Simmons' praises are spoken often in these parts. Welcome, markovitch.

posted by chicobangs at 03:38 PM on April 23, 2005

Drjohn- i saw the previous post, but his new role as Simmons' celebrity mail blogger needed to be flagged. He's answered more thano one question, but i couldn't find the earlier response.

posted by markovitch at 03:51 PM on April 23, 2005

Wow, markovitch is so smoov, he even makes a double-post look good. I welcome the markovitch overlords.

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:18 PM on April 23, 2005

Awesome, marko.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 04:40 PM on April 23, 2005

I'll add my voice to the welcome if markovich will go and beat up the newfers who aren't so cool and who are stinkin' up the joint.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 05:14 PM on April 23, 2005

Seems like the NBA has done a decent job picking bloggers: Delonte West's blog is really interesting too.

posted by yerfatma at 09:00 AM on April 24, 2005

Here’s the deal: When, after 60 games, the team being announced has a winning percentage hovering around the same area as most pitchers’ batting averages, it loses the right to a grand entrance. No more dance team, no more theme song, no more dimming the lights. The players just walk onto the court and play the game. That’s it. The Hawks did not agree to my deal. They had an over-produced introduction on the big screen, an actual hawk that flew down from the rafters, and even a catch-phrase—something like, “The Spirit Lies Within.” Make it stop. Amen!

posted by mayerkyl at 10:30 AM on April 25, 2005

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