April 06, 2005

Billy Packer Hatred: Apparently, hatred of Billy Packer has reached just about every corner of the blogosphere. This is a pretty creative collection of opinions. Unfortunately I think Billy has just gotten too negative and is just flat out wrong too many times.

posted by newage38 to basketball at 05:45 PM - 16 comments

Packer is faced with same problems as every other major voice of basketball. He has to dumb analysis down to lowest denominator to avoid alienating casual fans (aka "the target market")...but this makes it boring for the knowledgable fans. At same time, he has been around for long enough that we have heard virtually everything interesting he had to say already. And finally, Dick Vitale (and Costas for NBA) cornered market on being positive and still interesting by actually doing research and KNOWING more about the game, players and teams than Packer. IMO, Packer's real sin is that he is repetitive and very boring at this stage of his career. Maybe he should take a five year hiatus and work on finding something interesting to say about a game that is overexposed at all levels.

posted by 15Vikings at 07:52 PM on April 06, 2005

Interesting point. I don't find him boring so much as I just find him to be .......wrong and too quick on the trigger....a whole bunch. Very moody and caty(?), etc. etc. I completely understand why the dislike is growing.

posted by newage38 at 09:05 PM on April 06, 2005

I actually avoid games he does "color" on. I can't explain it but he makes my skin crawl. Maybe its the way he favors certain coaches and acts as their apologist. Been done with him for years now!

posted by mikemora at 11:37 PM on April 06, 2005

Packer is just one of many "color" men who are annoying, wrong, and just down right Hatable. I bet if people though about it you could come up with a list. Bill Walton and Dicky V are two others who come to mind.....

posted by daddisamm at 01:39 AM on April 07, 2005

newage, do you plan on posting a link to the accbasketblog every other day? And for the record, I think Packer is a grumpy old man who needs to be put out to pasture.

posted by mbd1 at 06:40 AM on April 07, 2005

mbd1, Perhaps everyday if they keep putting good stuff out like that Packer piece! Seriously, I plan on posting links to quality material. They happen to have quality and creative stuff.

posted by newage38 at 08:34 AM on April 07, 2005

Packer is about as big a pain in my March Madness as possible. I guess that's why there's a petition to get CBS to can him. (fingers crossed) daddisamm, darn right about Walton.

posted by ZDYOLDMAN at 09:06 AM on April 07, 2005

I hear you. I check in there about every day. We're a skeptical group though, and the only thing we love more than making STD jokes is a self-post witchhunt.

posted by mbd1 at 09:07 AM on April 07, 2005

mbd1, Can you link the STD jokes? I just got over here and haven't searched through the whole place.

posted by ZDYOLDMAN at 10:34 AM on April 07, 2005

Nevermind. I just hadn't scrolled down. Apologies all.

posted by ZDYOLDMAN at 10:36 AM on April 07, 2005

Packer is annoying...but aren't they all? I am continually amazed at the idiotic things said from the booth in all sports. Favorite booth comment of all time: "This is one of those games where the team that scores the most is going to win" - Keith Jackson Mr. Jackson said this at the beginning of the second half during an Ohio St. vs. Notre Dame game about 10 years or so ago (great game between two good teams). So it wasn't even something spontaneous...he had time to set up the commment and that was the best he could do. He is commonly known as one of the best of all time...yet if you listen to a game called by him he'll say 10 remarkably stupid things and blow a handful of calls. I, of course, would be perfect and say only extremely insightful things and stuff...ya know?

posted by stofer71 at 01:45 PM on April 07, 2005

Bill. Walton. "Karl Malone has the greatest body in the history of Mankind." "John Stockton is one of the best shot-blocking point guards in the NBA." "Oh, this is absurd, this is absolutely the most ridiculous thing that I have ever seen." (about 2452345324646 times a game) the list just goes on and on..

posted by chmurray at 08:07 AM on April 11, 2005

John Madden's had some gems too... "See his knee is down here. Now his helmet is in the endzone, but the ball isn't in his helmet, so it's not a touchdown. If the ball was in his helmet, it would have been a touchdown."

posted by chmurray at 08:09 AM on April 11, 2005

Walton had one great line I still remember, which is a lot for me and the minimal number of games I've seen with him: "How can you let the shooter get his own rebound? You can't let the shooter get the rebound!"

posted by billsaysthis at 03:36 PM on April 11, 2005

mbd1, hunt away!

posted by newage38 at 03:19 PM on April 12, 2005

who could forget my man Dave Wannstadt. Other announcer says "dave it's 3rd and ten what would you do" Dave " I thing they should go for it" The guy is an utter and complete tool.

posted by rockhard10 at 10:40 AM on April 14, 2005

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