February 03, 2002

The Art of the Deal: - Even though tix were going for face value and lower throughout the week, this guy was able to get a Super Bowl ticket for $100. But that's not even the most amazing part - scroll down to 2:38 p.m. CT. That being said, what's been the best deal you've ever scored before a sporting event?

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For me, I was able to grab a free ticket for Game 4 of the 1996 ALCS between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards. I was walking around the Inner Harbor and then decided to walk into one of the hotels and talk to the concierge. Budweiser was holding a party inside and it was just wrapping up. I asked if they had anything available and the host told me to come back in 5 minutes. There was a no-show, so he just offered me the ticket at no cost at all. No questions asked. The seat was in the lower deck just to the left of home plate. I've been a lifelong Yankee fan and this was the first post-season game of theirs that I ever attended. I was also the only Yank fan in the section, so I had to keep my enthusiasm in check for the sponsors. They win the game and I'm in heaven.

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thank you chules, for giving me the opportunity to share this story. my first nfl game was the cowboys-steelers game in 1985 (google cache link) i was a poor college student, who could not afford the outrageous $75 and up fee the scalpers were charging outside. after the game had begun, and prices still had not dropped significantly, i became quite discouraged. it was then my buddy bruce and i talked to this guy who offered to get us in the stadium for $40. we had tried and failed to make it into the ou-texas game, where troy aikman led ou to a 14-7 victory [en route to a national championship] the previous day, so we were very keen on making into the stadium. after handing the gentleman our money, and waiting around for a short time, he provided us with a plastic vest and various implements of destruction [i.e. cleaning crew tools]. he walked us through the gates, and up several ramps, then collected the vests and things, turning us loose in texas stadium. the game was a complete sellout, and we could not find any seats that were vacant. we ended up sitting at the very top, on a concrete railing just a little back of last row of seats. but the cowboys managed to win the game, and tony d passed the 10,000 yard mark. money well spent.

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I am too noob to post a link. Someone post about how Roy Jones still desperately needs someone to prove himself against and that the guy he humiliated on Saturday was a joke.

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I took my son (warning: offspring link) to see the Philadelphia Phantoms (minor league hockey, the Flyers' farm team) with my wife. Three seats, directly behind the penalty box, for $30. Last year, two seats behind the teams' bench, second row, for about the same price. Great game, lots of fights, local yokels screaming in a drunken manner, and loads of goals.

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Good story from espn's Darren Rovell. I like his sports business coverage. You know, he probably expenses the ticket and gets re-imbursed by espn for a "business expense". But at least he got a good deal for them.

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I have quite a few stories about getting in games on the cheap. I got 60-dollar seats to my first hockey game a few weeks ago for $20 each from a scalper in the middle of the first period. I got free courtside tickets to a Mavericks game from my job (and got to sit a few seats down from Mark Cuban). But my favorite experience was during last year's basketball season when the Mavericks played Sacramento and I was dying to see Chris Webber, even though I was too broke to buy a ticket. A scalper outside gave my friend and me some really cheapo tickets for free (because he said we were cute), and we magically passed those off as floor tickets. So she and I sashayed our way around the court and behind the benches and the scorers' table, in the hopes of finding empty seats somewhere. We did so smoothly, and I had a great view (and he had a great view of me). That was a good game.

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