January 10, 2005

Sure, Ruben Sierra might have a crush on Steinbrenner,: but there's many other deals to report from the weekend in baseball. Bobby Bonilla, I mean Carlos Beltran is on his way to the Mets for seven years, $119 million. Shawn Green is moving to Arizona after agreeing to a three year, $32 million contract. In return, the Dodgers get including catching prospect Dioner Navarro and pitcher William Juarez, plus some minor leaguers. This paves the way for LA to sign Derek Lowe, whos thinks he is taking his high ERA and arm in for a physical. (more inside)

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Is Beltran that good? Yea, I saw him in the playoffs and he was beyond impressive, but how is he going to fare with the Mets and the NYC media when he has an off week or bats .260 with 20 homers and less than 100 rbi's? The Dodgers are a brand new team, compared to last years club. They now have players named Dionner, Yhency, Franquelis, Duaner, Hee-Seop, Olmedo, and Delwyn on their roster. Who can tell if Lowe, Drew, and Kent will help LA return to the playoffs. Also, a little write-up on the minor leaguers LA gets from the D'back. Good luck to the Diamondbacks with Shawn Green. He's a great guy, but he's not going to turn your ball club around. But you're better this year with Glaus, Ortiz and Green around than you were last year.

posted by jasonspaceman at 06:08 AM on January 10, 2005

I can't believe Derek Lowe is getting over $30 million. Is that how much 4th starters are getting now? The mind boggles. Though he could do ok at Chavez.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 06:18 AM on January 10, 2005

When on, Derek Lowe was an All-Star closer and a Cy Young candidate starter. So I'm guessing LA is paying for that D Lowe, who shows up every other year, historically speaking.

posted by yerfatma at 06:36 AM on January 10, 2005

In deference to Derek Lowe, he's probably the most versatile pitcher in baseball. He can be an amazing closer, a reliable long-relief pitcher and a starter that makes you anxious to get home and turn on the game. In addition to that (and this is why LA is paying top dollar for him) he can be a terrible closer, a shaky long-reliever and a starter that makes you want to switch to "Growing Pains" reruns. Derek Lowe will give LA a stellar year. But they'll have to pay him for three.

posted by Mayor Curley at 09:15 AM on January 10, 2005

Is that how much 4th starters are getting now? I think in their minds he's a number one. He's making more than Odalis Perez.

posted by YukonGold at 09:20 AM on January 10, 2005

Why did the Astros lose Beltran?

posted by yerfatma at 10:06 AM on January 10, 2005

In regard to the Derek Lowe thing, its L.A., they paid Dreifort 11.4 million a year to come out of the pen for middle relief...so Lowe can't do worse than that, can he?

posted by chris2sy at 10:50 AM on January 10, 2005

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