December 24, 2004

We had our say about: who should be voted into in the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. Now Page 2's Tim Kurkjian, Michael Knisley, Buster Olney and Jim Caple have their say as well.

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A pretty good back and forth there. They seemed to agree on too many points though, needs a muckraker in there. They definitely have a point on the guys you saw having a bigger impact on your thinking. Growing up a Tigers fan in the '80's it is unthinkable to me that anyone could NOT vote Jack Morris and to a lesser extent Alan Trammell in. In this age of the highlight and 24-hour media we forget not everyone saw what you did back in the day. I like the fact these guys are voters but open minded. They aren't speaking in terms of "I would never vote for that guy" but rather that they haven't been convinced or swayed on a guy.

posted by pivo at 02:06 PM on December 27, 2004

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