April 24, 2004

NASCAR Ballet.: The Roanoke Ballet Theatre presented on April 15 and 17: "An all original exploration into the pop-culture that is NASCAR, performed by dancers, musicians, videographers, live calling by Mike Stevens of Channel 7 and NASCAR drivers, Ward Burton, Frank Kimmel and Rick Mast." (This surreal goodness brought to my attention by today's Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!)

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I tried to post non-ESPN links but all these podunk city papers forcing you to subscribe to view the article (after a free first peek) really got in the way. btw, city papers, you are not the WSJ or the WaPo so give up this subscription idea now. Give it up. Look, even the WaPo didn't give me any problems pointing to NASCAR Takes Up Ballet.

posted by worldcup2002 at 02:47 PM on April 24, 2004

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