August 21, 2003

Stoked :: A tale of Gator's fall from the acme of 80s skateboarding....and what a gruesome fall it was.

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nytimes link.....sorry. actually, just register already!

posted by garfield at 12:32 PM on August 21

Sorry - heard about this one. Garfield - see Dogtown and Z-boys yet? That was a kick ass film about the birth of vert boarding and skateboarding in general. Wicked stuff.

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sounds like i need to hit up night owl video.

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Oh - the memories... Oh the pornography.

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"When I heard that Gator walked in to the police and confessed to murder, I got sick," Tony Hawk, a veteran pro skater, remembered in a recent interview. "I couldn't skate for the rest of the day." Sounds like Tony was really, truly crushed.

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In the mid 80's, my parents shelled out about $150 so I could have one of these things. Yet another thing they selflessly shelled out for on their shitty kid.

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parents are cool like that. my parents made me earn my nice board after I thrashed the one from Kmart. Ya know the ones with shitty-ass grip tape, bearings that lasted a month, extra guards drilled all over the place, and graphics that made you think of coin-operated sticker machines.

posted by garfield at 05:38 PM on August 21

In Spring 2002, Helen Stickler came to the University of Iowa to present the almost-completed premeire of this movie at a skate film festival. It's a very tragic story because Helen spoke afterwards about talking with Gator over the phone while he is in prison. She said that after many conversations with him he told her that he was in love with her...and kind of stalked her from prison. Stickler also did a documentary on Shepard Fairey of Obey The Giant fame. Not sports related, but the ideas that Fairey came up with...and is still promoting is amazing. btw. Stoked is highly recommended (even though I saw it with some of the audio missing ;)

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