August 18, 2003

You can't go home again, at least not if you're an entrepreneurial bookie who moved to Costa Rica to start your own Internet Sports bookmaking operation. N.Y. Times Magazine, registration required and wholly worthwhile...

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Legal prostitution, as well as a plethora of strip clubs, seedy casinos and bars festooned with Budweiser signs, round out the atmosphere Book me on the next flight.

posted by Fat Buddha at 04:45 PM on August 18, 2003

FB, I'm guessing you've heard of Las Vegas. All these services, including legal prosts, are available there with much less chance that you'll get beaten and left for dead.

posted by billsaysthis at 07:18 PM on August 18, 2003

This link works with no registration, courtesy of Slashdot.

posted by Fluxcore at 09:22 PM on August 18, 2003

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