August 08, 2014

NCAA Loses O'Bannon Suit...for now.: A federal judge ruled Friday that the NCAA's limits on what major college football and men's basketball players can receive for playing sports "unreasonably restrain trade" in violation of antitrust laws.

Though it will of course be appealed, natch.

Analysis from SBNation and the Chronicle of Higher Ed

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My initial takeaway from these and a couple other analyses is that the most important part long-term is probably the fact that the judge struck down amateurism. That will mean more for future rulings than the direct impact of this one.

posted by Bonkers at 11:09 PM on August 08, 2014

The thesis from the plaintiffs was a joke; if it reflected reality football and basketball coaches would make a bit more than other sports but not order of magnitude more and the training facilities would be similarly balanced.

Even the Olympics gave up on amateurism years ago, the NCAA et al insisting otherwise is a hypocritical joke.

posted by billsaysthis at 01:58 PM on August 09, 2014

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