August 01, 2013

Sochi Athletes Subject to Anti-Gay Law: Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko warned Thursday that athletes and visitors to the Sochi Olympics will be subject to the country's laws against promoting homosexuality, contradicting a statement from the International Olympic Committee that the government had promised they would be exempt.

posted by bender to olympics at 08:49 AM - 2 comments

Would "propagandizing" include two men or women holding hands in public? I'd like to see the international uproar that could ensue if arrests, especially of foreigners, are made.

posted by jjzucal at 09:46 AM on August 01, 2013

I think that it does. I doubt any countries will be boycotting the Olympics (as has been called for by some groups), but I would not be surprised if some sponsors threaten to back out over this law.

posted by bender at 10:10 AM on August 01, 2013

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