May 17, 2013

Retired NASCAR driver Dick Trickle dies of apparent self-inflicted wound: Richard "Dick" Trickle -- who parlayed a legendary reputation as a short-track driver into a full-time career on stock car racing's biggest stages in the 1990s -- died Thursday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, a North Carolina sheriff's office said. He was 71

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That's terrible. I'm not a NASCAR fan, so I really only know him thanks to Patrick and Olbermann, but he seemed to be a likeable guy with a good sense of humor.


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I really only know him thanks to Patrick and Olbermann..

Same here. I actually heard the news while listening to the Dan Patrick show.



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I'll never forget the first time I saw him lighting up and smoking during the yellows back when you could show tobacco products on TV.

I wonder if he had got news he had a terminal disease.

RIP Dick Trickle

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Pain cause of Dick Trickle's suicide

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The location where they found him is very poignant. It's possible he never really got over his granddaughter's death, and that combined with the health problems he was facing were just too much to deal with.

I'm not into NASCAR or car racing in general but as a Wisconsin native the name always resonated with me. Hope he has finally found peace.

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