December 05, 2012

Justin Kievit, Middle School Wrestler, Lets Boy With Cerebral Palsy Win Match: When Jared expressed that he wanted to participate in a wrestling match, Mayes said he called his friend Randy Stevens (no relation), a coach at another middle school.

“It wasn’t about weight class,” Mayes told the Tennessean. “I told him to point me toward the kid who has the kindest heart.”

posted by johndurkin8 to general at 01:46 PM - 2 comments

Great story, thanks for posting.

I'd like to think that Justin's actions would be the norm, rather than the exception. But either way, good for him, he made someone's day. I wish that happened more.

(Did anyone else see the story of the dad and son that mocked the little girl at the bus stop? Disgusting and sad.)

posted by BoKnows at 11:01 PM on December 05, 2012

I see stories and think "That's cute, but is it a good idea?"

Then I read the last line of BoKnows comment and realised that yes, yes it is. They deserve a checkmark in the good column to counteract fucknuts like that.

posted by Drood at 01:00 AM on December 06, 2012

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