January 17, 2012

Not for the Sheepish ... or is it?: New Zealand produces some of the world's best shearers and its national championship, the Golden Shears, receives substantial media coverage; but the IOC is unlikely to be persuaded that it should be an Olympic demonstration sport. [more inside]

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The decisions to include a sport as a demonstration are made — at minimum — 6 years in advance, so you won't see Ivan Scott of Ireland or Kerri-Jo Te Huia of New Zealand showing off their mad shearing skills in London or Rio. Ivan set a world eight-hour solo lamb record by shearing 749 lambs (one lamb every 38.8 seconds!), while Kerri-Jo smashed the women's equivalent record by 37 by shearing 507 lambs (57.6 seconds per lamb).

posted by scully at 06:51 PM on January 17, 2012

Look, I'll just refrain from commenting, OK?

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My local PBS station had a bit on sheep shearing and they did a great job in showing it as half wrestling, half barber work. First-timers were exhausted after shearing only a couple of sheep and it took them forever to do each one. So, shearing a lamb every 38.8 seconds is a remarkable thing to me, even if they've been doing it for years.

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Awesome. I knew who posted this when it came up in the sportsfilter twitter stream :)

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