May 12, 2003

(*) Nude Tennis!: Twenty naked tennis players are competing for a $2,000 prize in front of 100 naked spectators. A tape of the event will be edited to make sure that all who appear nude have given their consent, then the event will be quickly posted to the Web site ... Sponsors like Miller Lite have been lined up, and organizers, anticipating success, are already planning subsequent tournaments, including naked volleyball and naked karaoke. See all the action at! [This only deserves one booby because of, well, the subject matter. But the link is not local. However, it is also not about soccer, my fave sport. Welcome to the grum@work/djacob SpoFi Local News Non-Fave Sport Week!]

posted by worldcup2002 to tennis at 10:05 AM - 11 comments

Would you pay $10 to watch a two-hour recorded webcast of this? What's the commercial potential for this, erm, flavor of sporting event? How many years until a pro league develops? And in which sport?

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:35 AM on May 12, 2003

I guess it depends on the participants..

posted by corpse at 10:54 AM on May 12, 2003

Webcast? No thanks...

posted by StarFucker at 11:40 AM on May 12, 2003

I guess it depends on the participants.. I hope it's not Pete Sampras.

posted by gyc at 12:44 PM on May 12, 2003

On the women's tour, this could really kick up the game winnings. This would probably work great for women's beach volleyball too, with the introduction of "shower breaks". That would be someone with a water bottle splashing the players in between points, to get the sand out of those, you know, hard-to-reach places. Yeah. Possible other nude sports: Water polo Diving Swimming Synchronized swimming Ice skating Gymnastics (maybe) Ultimate frisbee Sports where this would not work: Sumo wrestling Athletics field events, esp., shot put Tour de France NFL NBA Baseball Lumberjack games X-games, esp. road luge

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:00 PM on May 12, 2003

Diving - I don't think this would work very well for men as the slightest mistake might have very painful consequences. Then again, it might make for interesting television.

posted by pfuller at 01:13 PM on May 12, 2003

I heard about this on the radio this morning. Volleyball is the next nude competition they plan to offer. What I wanna watch nude people playing sports for? I wanna watch them F each other, and that's about it.

posted by vito90 at 03:22 PM on May 12, 2003

if you dig into the site a little, there's a lil animated's not really nude, they wear socks and shoes.

posted by danostuporstar at 03:35 PM on May 12, 2003

and hats!

posted by corpse at 03:53 PM on May 12, 2003

dano: Are they putting the socks on their feet? Hahahahahahahaha.

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:32 PM on May 12, 2003

There's only one thing that could make me even consider watching this...Anna Kournikova. Sorry, make that two things...Anna and the possibility that this is a tournament that even she might win.

posted by filmgoerjuan at 01:54 AM on May 15, 2003

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