February 26, 2002

Hidden: Ok folks, Back a couple of weeks ago someone brought up the idea of a fantasy baseball league for sportsfilter.com. I have set up a private league. League ID#: 55047 Password: Yankees Exact Draft Time: Thursday, March 28 at 8:50 PM PT If this is good for you go sign up. 20 people are able to sign up, so the talent pool will be slim, but the true baseball fan will know who to pick. Please post and tell me if you have signed up. So lets play ball!

posted by jbou to baseball at 05:32 PM - 6 comments

It's at Yahoo

posted by jbou at 05:36 PM on February 26, 2002

I'm in. :D

posted by mmesker at 07:26 PM on February 26, 2002

The original discussion is over here. For future reference, stuff like this should be posted in the Locker Room, which is the area of the site for SportsFilter-related subjects.

posted by kirkaracha at 07:34 PM on February 26, 2002

I'm in, thanks jbou for setting this up.

posted by pastepotpete at 07:40 PM on February 26, 2002

I just signed up as the "Seattle Sluggers"- naturally enough. This is my first fantasy league, actually, so this ought to be... interesting.

posted by hincandenza at 08:05 PM on February 26, 2002

Just signed up as....BAMBINO's BLASTERS....hey jbou...could your fave Yankee be a certain author??? Thanks for starting up a league jbou!!

posted by NYSSoftballBlue at 08:25 PM on February 26, 2002

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