July 05, 2010

Red Wings and Blackhawks enforcer Bob Probert is dead.: He collapsed in a boat on Lake St. Clair today, and was rushed to the hospital with no vital signs. He was 45.

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(that's supposed to be star that you see after being punched by Probie. it's his version of the "moment of silence" period)

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Here's an embedded audio file of Barry Melrose taking about fighters and specifically mentions Probie as the best tough guy ever. It's just a few minutes long.

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Met Probie a couple years ago at a hockey show and got him going with a story about how I had listed two cards on eBay -- one a short-printed Steve Yzerman jersey booked at around $50 and another Probert parallel card limited to 10 copies we thought would sell for $10.

The Yzerman closed at $6.25, while the Probert brought more than $90. I told Bob to be sure to tell Steve he was worth 15x Yzerman, and we had a good laugh.

Creepily enough, I have had an autographed Probert 8x10 that has been sitting on eBay for two years. Five minutes after the announcement -- gone.

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Probert vs. anybody: fight at your own peril.

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Probert, Probert, what a man,

When you see him it's WHAM BAM!

Let's go!

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YouTube has the rematch between Porbert and Crowder that Melrose talked about. I can't link it but it is a beauty. "Round 1 January 28,1991. RIP

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Ken Campbell of The Hockey News on Bob Probert: "I got to know John Ferguson before he died and we were members of the same golf club," Probert's agent, Pat Ducharme said. "And he once told me that as good as he was at playing his role, he was no Bob Probert. Coming from him, I think that was the ultimate compliment."

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Goddammit. I feared him as a kid. I thought he would kill Wendel Clark that night he was allowed back into Canada. But that dude was respected, and not just feared. Far, far too young.

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