March 11, 2009

One coach still knows more than all the others combined. And he's been retired for three decades.: With March Madness upon us, let's remember the best.

posted by gfinsf to basketball at 09:43 AM - 4 comments

What a story. There will never be another one like him.

posted by dfleming at 10:32 AM on March 11, 2009

My Dad who past away over 12 years ago and would've been 100 years old this year grew up in Indiana and told me how he played basketball against Mr Wooden in league play. My Dad said he wasnt the greatest player but no one out hustled him and that is why my father remmebered him. It is evident that he passed along this hustle to everyone who played for him or they wouldnt be on the team for long. What a man what a legacy

posted by Snickwicks at 02:34 PM on March 11, 2009

Kudos to Mr. Wooden! He's in the coaching "top tier", and he's alone!

posted by jthorpe611 at 05:56 PM on March 11, 2009

Thanks to Rick Reilly for writing this remembrance and gfinsf for posting it. I have long marveled at Wooden's achievements. Coaching as he did in the 60's to mid 70's. A time when college campuses were, I've been told, in much turmoil.

posted by Newbie Walker at 11:11 PM on March 14, 2009

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