January 13, 2009

Ball State Universitiy Quaterback Nate Davis not ready...: Do you think Ball States QB Nate Davis is ready for the faster paced game in NFL ?

I love Ball State Football. My brother played four years for them. I have a hard time believing that someone didn't advise Davis to stay in school for one more year and make himself a better prepared and knowledgable quaterback. I watched him play in person and on TV. He couldn't hold it together against the pressure of Buffalo or Tulsa. He cracked under the pressure of the big game so what do you think he's gonna do "IF" he gets drafted?
If he enters the draft now and does get drafted he will be a backup quarterback his whole career! Think about it Nate ...One more year to be fully ready for the much faster paced pro game. You have talent but get that talent polished cause one year will make a difference.

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