November 01, 2008

Collina Speaks! to the NY Times no less: If I respect only a few referees, Pierluigi Collina is first among all. Though he claims no dissatisfaction at the 45 years old retirement rule, the man who stood out among the stars at the 2002 and 2006 World Cups is going strong and gives the Times a glimpse into his thinking.

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Collina is a legend. You always knew you were going to get a fair game with him in charge.

Football needs more guys like him.

posted by Drood at 06:27 PM on November 01, 2008

Agreed. He was one of the first refs to use video analysis of games, and then to brief his assistants with it before important matches - what to look out for, who gets offside, different styles of play etc.

The interview, on the other hand, does not reveal much. I suppose because he is still in an important position with Serie A and B. He refuses to talk about the match fixing/ref influencing scandal, when I would have liked to hear what he really thinks. No definitive views on increasing the number of officials or use of video evidence either, although he leans towards a non-technology solution. The use of additional assistants around the penalty box is interesting, and he notes that it gave him more 'command' of the penalty area. I also think the presence of more officials might make players think twice about all the pushing and shoving that goes on at corners, for example.

posted by owlhouse at 10:18 PM on November 01, 2008

I think they should keep technology out. The last thing football needs is having to stop the game to review video. I know it's easy to say this and I don't think there's ever been an actual investigation of it, but I'm sure the old cliche that it all evens out with the bad calls in the end is probably correct.

I agree with more officials. Perhaps a linesman at each end as well as the ones on the sidelines. Could give extra eyes for corners and pick up the cheating divers etc...

posted by Drood at 12:10 AM on November 02, 2008

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