February 05, 2003

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Indiana Pacers? If it's "Bad Boys II" then you're victim of the media. At least that's what Isaiah and Conrad think. If you seen the Pacers play or have followed their games and post-game interviews, you might agree. Almost every opposing coach and player, with the exception of Don Nelson, have applauded the Pacers for their hard play and unselfishness. So what gives? Why this perception? Before you answer, read what Isaiah has to say about his recent suspension. There is one writer in Indy who feels that the Pacers should not shy away from the Bad Boy image.

posted by jacknose to basketball at 10:11 AM - 2 comments

Well...maybe. I haven't really seen the Pacer's play enough to assess whether they are Bad Boys II or not. But what made the Pistons the true Bad Boys is they had bad attitudes but won on the court. They won two championships but lost in the finals a couple more times and were very solid for many many years. The Pacers may be ripping up the East, but they've got no shot for the title. They wouldn't crack the top four in the West, records be damned. If they win it all, I'll eat my monitor.

posted by vito90 at 10:31 AM on February 05, 2003

Forget Bad Boys II, they should worry about becoming Blazers East, lots of talent and no rings. When they earn a ring they will earn a nickname. Also, Artest is the only one that fits the Bad Boy image.

posted by silent4lie at 08:28 PM on February 05, 2003

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