January 28, 2003

The right fit?: So the Broncos want Plummer. They drafted Tommy Maddox to be the heir of the irreplacable John Elway, only to trade him away to a team that makes Maddox a star. Rich Gannon gets passed like smelly cheese from 5 teams until he fits like a soft leather glove with the Raiders. Gannon becomes league MVP in the right program. Not necessarily asking just about the NFL, what makes a standout player the perfect fit? Coaching, teamwork, or something more ethereal?

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Yeah, I know that this is discussion oriented as opposed to link oriented, but we're really not as anal as the mothership, yet, are we? I just want your impressions as to what makes an athlete fit in a certain program, and not another. Honest, I'm not researching a paper; I just kinda wanta know.

posted by Wulfgar! at 06:48 PM on January 28, 2003

Timing. It's all about timing.

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:32 PM on January 28, 2003

Hmm. Is Plummer going to be much of an improvement from Griese? In general, worldcup is right on with timing. Even if other factors are present, the player has to be ready to take advantage. It does, however, help if the coach believes in the player, if the system brings out the player's strengths and if the teammates are good.

posted by jackhererra at 01:15 AM on January 29, 2003

I agree with worldcup. Being at the right place at the right time helps. But I think it all comes down to is coaching and teamwork if your skill set is already established.

posted by jasonspaceman at 06:50 AM on January 29, 2003

All of it. It takes all of it to make a standout player. The right guy, with the right mindset, in the right situation with the right coaches and system, teammates and fans and media who believe in him, patience to learn, an organizational commitment to winning and developing the player, and lots and lots and lots of LUCK to not get injured or have teammates get injured. If it was just tools, Jeff George would be a star. That's why I think Chad Pennington is the guy to watch for in the future. I also think that with a team that believes in him (which is any team where he's not replacing an Elway or a Marino) Griese will do just fine. People made fun of Jerry Krause when he said "Organizations win championships". Obviously having Michael Jordan helped a bit. But because people were so quick to mock Krause for the comment nobody ever bothered to really parse the statement, and I believe it's spot-on. It does take an entire organization.

posted by vito90 at 08:02 AM on January 29, 2003

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