July 24, 2008

Parcells; Genius. Hold on a second, what?: Why do people keep trusting Bill Parcells to run their teams?

Since Bill Parcells took over the Miami Dolphins he has decided he did not need the services of, arguably, the team's two best players, LB Zach Thomas (declined to offer a contract) and DE Jason Taylor (traded to Washington). Thomas "did not fit into the long term plans of the Dolphins". "The long term plans of the Dolphins" apparently don't include tackles, since Thomas has more than any linebacker in the Hall Of Fame. More than Butkus. More than Nitschke. More than Lambert. Taylor was NFL Defensive Player Of The Year 2 years ago (2006). While Taylor and Thomas are both veterans, neither seems to be over the hill, and both found jobs pretty quickly. I keep hearing people say that Parcells will make the Dolphins better. Parcells knows what he is doing. Trust Parcells. But let's look at the record. Parcells had a great run with the Giants. He went 77-49-1 and won 2 Superbowls. Since he left the Giants after the 1990 season and a Superbowl win, his record is, well, less impressive. He has coached 3 teams for a total of 11 seasons since leaving the Giants. He has made the playoffs 5 times and won 3 playoff games. 2 of those came in 1996 when his Patriots lost the Superbowl to Green Bay. In his 3 years with the Jets he made the playoffs once and went 1-1. In his 4 years with the Cowboys he made the playoffs twice and went 0-2. Parcells has not won a playoff game since 1998 and his overall record is 95-81 since leaving the Giants. Remind me, why is this guy a genius? And why do owners continue to give their teams to him?

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