January 24, 2008

Soccer Talent within Our Own Borders: The Unied States has an unlimited pool of untapped talented soccer players that need proper soccer development, but who is going to develop them?

If one would take the time to add all the registered youth soccer players here in the United States, one would come back with nice round figure. Many, if not almost every, of our youth soccer players are extremely talented. Some are born with natural talents, some need help to develop their dormant inherited talents. Once dormant talents are developed, they need to be maintained, as are the natural talents. So where does a parent go to bring the right soccer development to his young child? If you Google the word 'soccer', you will find a vast range of soccer clubs and soccer academies located throughout the country, almost in every state, and many times multiple clubs and academies in the same city. So which one does a parent choose? It seems that every soccer club or academy states that their soccer programs are the best in the world. So why do our top soccer players who go and play pro soccer overseas, not generate the same frenzy as when David Beckham signed with Los Angeles Galaxy? If our present local and national developmental and scouting soccer process functions properly, then we should have the best players playing in the top competitive entities, like our MLS, etc. And we should be able to have soccer players playing soccer at a level that equals that of any other country, but for some reason that doesn't seem to be the case in reference to men's soccer. The US women's soccer has brought us soccer players that have dominated the women's soccer scene for many years, but that is not the case with men...why? United States is one of the most richest and most developed countries in the world, at least we may think so...so why can't we produce men soccer players that equal the level of other top soccer countries, if not surpass them, at least on a broader scale?

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