January 04, 2008

Missouri Gets The Gate: BCS gives Missouri nothing but hot air.

I watched the Cotton bowl on News Years and with every touchdown, every running play through the Arkansas line and every completed pass, my blood was boiling. My beloved Missouri Tigers played their heart and soul out, and beat the the so called powerful SEC powerhouse Razorbacks (the defeater of the mighty LSU). The current system is bankrupt and Mizzou got the gate with the current system. I would like to ask the powers that be, how Kansas and Illinois both got BCS bids, when Missouri beat both of them? Many will explain, not winning the conference was the major reason. Of course, that arguement doesn't hold water. Tell me if you will, did Illinois win the Big 10 or Kansas the Big 12? For those so call powerhouses around the country - LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, W. Virginia and USC. Let me ask one questions. Did Mizzou lose to any unranked teams during the regular season or the conference playoff. Well, all the teams I mentioned did and Mizzou did not. Guess they had to pick 2 teams from each conference and decided Mizzou is not deserving based on some arbitrary, political correct, lets leave the Tigers out because their not used to success anyway. Whatever the inventors got for this system. I don't know, however they should have got life. Guess they all got together and decided Mizzou doesn't know much success anyway so we can hose them. After all, they probably wouldn't know the difference . We must bow to the big name schools like USC, Oklahoma, etc. etc. I would like to end on a positive note and give My Tigers a pat on the back for a terrific season and hoping the powers that be don't hose us again next year, if we have the season like 2007.

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