January 21, 2003

The Ultimate Standings.: ESPN ranks each NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB franchise based on how well they return their fans' affection (and money). What it all means. [via MetaFilter]

posted by kirkaracha to culture at 06:31 PM - 3 comments

Yahoo! The Pack may have finally lost a playoff game at Lambeau, but they're the ultimate franchise. I'd prefer another Super Bowl and Favre MVP, but this will have to do for now.

posted by shackbar at 04:25 AM on January 22, 2003

Where the hell are the MLS stats?!

posted by StarFucker at 10:04 AM on January 22, 2003

I have a feeling some AFL teams would end up higher than some MLS teams.

posted by shackbar at 08:53 PM on January 22, 2003

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