August 04, 2006

Grass Roots All but Gone?: Youth Development appears to be disappearing

Being an Englishman now living in the U.S I confess to being troubled by the lack of investment made into youthful talent in virtually all sports. Certainly the money power players in Manchester's soccer and New York's baseball have all but forgotten the local talent, the passion envoked by the local kid making it big in his home town. Replacing it now with an obscene salary, ego to match and any promising local talent isnt worth the coaching, developing and effort. I thought these were talented businessmen and women? Put some of that television money to one side, donate 10% of the over priced drinks, burgers, merchandise and tickets to the youth and in time you'll not need the multi-million dollar trade - he'll be yours already. International results over the past few years demonstrate the effect this is having, Englands national side look decidedly lacking next to the home grown talents of the Italians or Germans, as for the US - look no further than the recent influx of non Americans in the NBA or the frankly embarrassing recent Olympic perfomances. What is it going to take before investment is made in the abundance of talent I see on local fields every weekend? Wake up and smell the money!

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