June 29, 2006

An IM Portrait of a Tragedy: New England Reacts to The Fall. Via GoogleTalk

MayorCurley: did you hear about The Hurricane?

yerfatma: No.

MayorCurley: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/city_region/breaking_news/2006/06/exboxer_among_t.html

yerfatma: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSH. The bad news is he forgot to get the items on his shopping list
1. Oxy-cahn-tin
2. Sudafed. Fifty fuckin boxes

MayorCurley: That's awesome!

yerfatma: Who steals a fucking fanny pack?

MayorCurley: Did you read that they also stole the fanny pack?

yerfatma: No, no I did not
Ain't I clever?

MayorCurley: I guess it makes sense. You need a bag to hold the monster cash.
and the fanny pack is the least of your worries.

yerfatma: Right. And the contents of the change drawer

MayorCurley: I was wondering why they knocked over a walgreens but it occurs to me that they probably needed the money immediately

yerfatma: He gets his presecriptions filled there
Probably showed his Walgreens card and scanned it too.

MayorCurley: "My doctor says I need crack."
I think at this point Peter MCNeeley would get denied for a walgreens shopper's card.
"Our marketing department sees you as a poor risk to issue a card."

yerfatma: "Honestly sir, we don't want to know what you buy."

MayorCurley: I know where that walgreens is.

yerfatma: Cops would never expect lightning to strike twice. Let's do it.

MayorCurley: It's on the way to the softball fields in west roxbury.
Totally. And then we'll hit the Dunkin Donuts
no mention of the incident on HurricaneWatch, the official Peter McNeeley website.

yerfatma: Seriously?
Must be a hell of a blog since all the news that matters pre-dates the web

MayorCurley: http://www.hurricanepetermcneeley.com/ It's a triumph of design. Includes frames

yerfatma: Weird. Guess you don't get one free blog post at the Roxbury lockup, huh?
"No suh. Just a phone cawl. And whathefuck is 'WordPress'?"

MayorCurley: I assume his sister updates it for him because he is illiterate

yerfatma: She must be adopted.

MayorCurley: "All we got for internet is porno."

yerfatma: Not like his one post would be to contact a lawya

MayorCurley: Peter's mother Nancy McNeeley was a finalist in the Miss Universe pageant in the early 60's. Today she is a successful businesswoman and a professor at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts, where she teaches a course in fashion marketing.

yerfatma: And counsels local girls to "make sure he always wraps it up"

MayorCurley: Does that say more about the quality of Mt. Ida college or her parenting skills?
A young man with his priorities in order, Peter divided his time between his boxing career and his education,

yerfatma: Says they didn't vet who came to the dances at The Mount

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