December 13, 2005

A Sport? Since when?: Who calls Poker a sport

FSN and will partner to telecast a new "PokerDome" series of tournaments, including a "Mega Event" that will introduce the single richest winner-take-all purse in poker and sports history. The PokerDome Series will premiere on Sunday, May 15, 2006 on FSN and continue for 43 consecutive weeks. Players will be encased in a high-tech cone of silence overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. The one-way mirrored glass will allow fans to see in, without the players seeing out, and microphones let viewers hear all the trash talk exchanged during each heated flop. This was just observed on a Fox Sports posting. I just have a few questions for the people doing this to Sports Entertainment Networks, and they follow in no preferential order of succession. 1) Who told you imbeciles that Poker was a sport? Poker is a game. In fact, go to Las Vegas. Poker is a really BIG BUCK game. But for those who wish to debate this, inline, online, or offline, or in person, Poker, like NASCAR, is NOT a sport. Look at the incredible assortment of broad spectrum lard-butted players you will encounter playing cards. Try to find such a physical specimen even lacing up a pair of hockey skates, or mustering the effort to even pick up, much less throw, a baseball over 12 feet above 15 MPH, or handling a pass thrown by Brett Favre or Peyton Manning, or even running the length of a soccer field without having a cardiac arrest. Good God, get real. When will the real world come back to television? Probably when REAL athletes are recognized as athletes and not just some lucky person who got all the breaks and signed a contract. Get with it, you idiots that run the sports networks. Athletes don't sit on their bums around a table to play sports. Athletes don't place bets before they play, their sports prohibit this. Athletes get paid for results, not for illusions. Illusions can create results, but results do not create illusions. Games are games, and sports are sports. Get with it, and learn the difference.

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