July 19, 2005

2005 NBA WEST Free Agency: lilnemo takes a look at prospective signings for the NBA's Western Conference.

2005 NBA Free Agent Preview

Unrestricted free agent identifies a player that can sign with any team. These players will be denoted by SpoFi green.

Restricted free agent identifies a player that can sign an offer sheet that can be matched by his current team. These players will be denoted by red.

Player option players can decide to extend his contract one year. These players will be denoted by blue.

Team option identifies a player whose team has the option to extend his contract one year. These players will be denoted by teal.

Player can terminate identifies a player who can terminate his contract after the 2004-05 season. These players will be denoted by whatever the hell that color is.


y-SanAntonio5923.720--38-321-2010-636-16Lost 26-4
x-Dallas5824.7071.029-1229-1211-535-17Won 99-1
x-Houston5131.6228.026-1525-1610-633-19Won 77-3
x-Memphis4537.54914.026-1519-227-927-25Lost 14-6
New Orleans1864.22041.011-307-342-1410-42Lost 91-9

17Brent BarryG6-721012/31/719Oregon State
12Bruce BowenSF6-72006/14/718Cal State Fullerton
23Devin BrownSG6-522012/30/782Texas-San Antonio
21Tim DuncanFC6-112604/25/767Wake Forest
20Manu GinobiliSG6-62057/28/772None
5Robert HorryPF6-102408/25/7012Alabama
43Linton JohnsonSF6-82256/13/802Tulane
Ian MahinmiPF6-10230RNone
4Sean MarksFC7-02458/23/756California
34Tony MassenburgFC6-92507/31/6714Maryland
2Nazr MohammedC6-102509/5/776Kentucky
8Rasho NesterovicC7-02705/30/766None
9Tony ParkerPG6-21805/17/823None
3Glenn RobinsonSF6-72401/10/7310Purdue
14Beno UdrihPG6-32057/5/82RNone
11Mike WilksPG5-111805/7/792Rice

The Spurs have 2 free agents that will most likely return next year, Devin Brown and Robert Horry. The rest of the unrestricted free agents were not regularly in the rotation, and theoretically could be replaced rather cheaply. I would be interested to see if the Spurs opt to hold on to Brent Barry or to trade him in lieu of what was, for him, a sub-par season. A good shooter at a bargain price would be Wesley Person.

9Tariq Abdul-WahadSG6-623511/3/747San Jose St.
10Darrell ArmstrongPG6-11806/22/6810Fayetteville State
44Shawn BradleyC7-62803/22/7211Brigham Young
25Erick DampierC6-112657/14/758Mississippi State
6Marquis DanielsGF6-62001/7/811Auburn
4Michael FinleyGF6-72253/6/739Wisconsin
34Devin HarrisG6-31852/27/83RWisconsin
50Alan HendersonPF6-924012/2/729Indiana
5Josh HowardGF6-72104/28/801Wake Forest
41Dirk NowitzkiPF7-02456/19/786None
42Jerry StackhouseGF6-621811/5/749North Carolina
31Jason TerryPG6-21809/15/775Arizona
2Keith Van HornSF6-1024010/23/757Utah

Abdul-Wahad will, more likely than not, opt out of the last few years of his contract and play professionally in Europe. It is unlikely that Van Horn does the same. Armstrong and Henderson may end up back in Dallas, if they are willing to play for "slightly less" than market value. The real story in Dallas is whether or not the Mavs use the CBA's new "Amnesty Provision" to part ways with Michael Finley, or more to the point, his contract. There are very few encouraging words coming from the Mavs front office about Finley coming back next year. And if the Mavs opt to use the provision Finley could not re-sign with the Mavs until his original contract expires, which would make him eligible to be a Mav for the 2008-09 season. Cuban didn't have much trouble allowing Nash to leave last year, and I expect that Finley will be let go as well.

42Vin BakerFC6-1124011/23/7111Hartford
20Jon BarrySG6-52107/25/6912Georgia Tech
40Ryan BowenSF6-922011/20/755Iowa
32Torraye BraggsPF6-82455/15/761Xavier
Luther HeadG6-318511/26/82RIllinois
5Juwan HowardPF6-92602/7/7311Michigan
13Mike JamesPG6-21886/23/754Duquesne
1Tracy McGradyGF6-82105/24/797None
11Yao MingC7-63109/12/802None
55Dikembe MutomboC7-22616/25/6613Georgetown
25Moochie NorrisPG6-11857/27/738West Florida
35Scott PadgettPF6-92404/19/765Kentucky
3Bob SuraG6-52003/25/739Florida State
30Clarence WeatherspoonF6-72709/8/7012Southern Miss
7David WesleySG6-120311/14/7011Baylor

For all the talk about Yao Ming's "ineffectiveness" last year, the Rockets did precious little to provide Yao with a buffer from other, more athletic post-men last year. Juwan Howard, Deke, and Vin Baker do not a solid PF make. The Rockets need to pair Yao off with a young, quick forward who can take his man off the dribble, hit the mid-range jumper, and run the break with T-Mac. I think that the Rockets really need Stromile Swift. Tyson Chandler would be a good second choice.

31Shane BattierSF6-82209/9/783Duke
1Antonio BurksPG6-12002/25/80RMemphis
35Brian CardinalF6-82455/2/774Purdue
16Pau GasolPF7-02407/6/803None
40Ryan HumphreySF6-82357/24/793Notre Dame
30Dahntay JonesSG6-621012/27/801Duke
33Mike MillerGF6-82182/19/804Florida
41James PoseyGF6-82151/13/775Xavier
Lawrence RobertsF6-924010/20/82RMississippi State
4Stromile SwiftFC6-922511/21/794LSU
Hakim WarrickF6-92197/8/82RSyracuse
25Earl WatsonPG6-11956/12/793UCLA
6Bonzi WellsSG6-52109/28/766Ball State
2Jason WilliamsPG6-119011/18/756Florida
42Lorenzen WrightC6-1124011/4/758Memphis

It looks as if the Grizz are looking to shed some payroll. After making the playoff push the past 3 years, West & Co. are looking for cheap young talent to replace their not quite as young and getting-more-expensive talent. Bonzi Wells is a good talent, and is probably worth the $8 Mill option, but with Jones, Battier, Miller, Posey, and possibly Cardinal, Warrick, and Roberts sharing time at SG/SF I think it's fair to say that Bonzi will be collecting checks elsewhere next season. For a few years the Grizz weren't sure whether to commit to Swift or Gasol, but Swift hasn't quite come through on the promise that his potential suggests and Gasol has surpassed expectations. It has been rumored that Jason Williams could be had in trade, if a decent PG at a decent price were received in exchange, though I'm not sure anyone is lining up to trade for Williams, or the remaining $24.5 Mill left on his deal.

12Chris AndersenFC6-102207/7/783Blinn College
Brandon BassF6-82404/30/85RLSU
42P.J. BrownFC6-1123910/14/6911Louisiana Tech
5Speedy ClaxtonPG5-111705/8/785Hofstra
2Dan DickauPG6-01909/16/782Gonzaga
32Casey JacobsenGF6-62153/19/812Stanford
15Maciej LampeF6-112752/5/851None
9George LynchSF6-82359/3/7011North Carolina
21Jamaal MagloireC6-112595/21/784Kentucky
10Bostjan NachbarSF6-92217/3/802None
33Lee NailonF6-92382/22/754TCU
Chris PaulG6-01755/6/85RWake Forest
23J.R. SmithSG6-622011/9/85RNone
4Jackson VromanFC6-102206/6/81RIowa State
30David WestPF6-92408/29/801Xavier

The Hornets, as bad as they looked last year, could have a decent team next year if they are healthy (and if Chris Paul comes as advertised). Lynch, Magloire, Brown, and West make for a solid frontcourt rotation. Unfortunately, with the departure of Baron Davis, the Hornets backcourt is woefully short on experience. Speedy Claxton is sure to start at the point until Paul proves he can run the team. J.R. Smith has little to no competition for the starting SG slot, which is a good and bad thing. I would expect the Hornets to sign another SG before camp. Most likely they will end up signing a young, cheap shooter like Kareem Rush, Tamar Slay, or Rodney Buford.

y-Seattle5230.634--26-1526-1511-531-21Lost 22-8
x-Denver4933.5983.031-1018-239-728-24Won 18-2
Minnesota4438.5378.024-1720-2110-630-22Won 26-4
Portland2755.32925.018-239-324-1213-39Won 13-7
Utah2656.31726.018-238-336-1020-32Lost 14-6

34Ray AllenSG6-52057/20/758Connecticut
24Mateen CleavesPG6-22059/7/774Michigan State
4Nick CollisonPF6-925510/26/801Kansas
33Antonio DanielsPG6-42053/19/757Bowling Green
30Reggie EvansPF6-82455/18/802Iowa
21Danny FortsonFC6-82603/27/767Cincinnati
Mickael GelabaleF6-72155/22/83RNone
13Jerome JamesC7-127211/17/756Florida A&M
7Rashard LewisSF6-102158/8/796None
22Ronald MurraySG6-41907/29/792Shaw
Johan PetroC7-02471/27/86RNone
9Vitaly PotapenkoC6-102853/21/758Wright State
77Vladimir RadmanovicPF6-1022711/19/803None
8Luke RidnourPG6-21752/13/811Oregon
31Robert SwiftC7-024512/3/85RNone
12Damien WilkinsSF6-62251/11/80RGeorgia

The Sonics go into the off-season with 5 unrestricted free agents. I expect them to re-sign Ray Allen, and let the rest walk. The restricted free agents will most likely be made to wait, but will ultimately be brought back (unless someone makes an insane offer). The composition of the roster is going to drastically change, and I expect the squad to become more of a running team than they were last year. The only question this off-season is who fills in for James. Swift, and Petro are a few years away from contributing, and I'm not sure that Fortson, Evans, Collison, or a re-signed Potapenko will be enough to anchor the middle. The Sonics seriously need to consider bringing in an athletic forward to fill out the rotation. Tyson Chandler would fit well with the pressing and running style that the Sonics implement.

15Carmelo AnthonySF6-82205/29/841Syracuse
11Earl BoykinsPG5-51336/2/766Eastern Michigan
7Greg BucknerSG6-42109/16/765Clemson
23Marcus CambyC6-112353/22/748Massachusetts
56Francisco ElsonC7-02352/28/761California
12Luis FloresG6-22004/11/81RManhattan
Axel HervelleF6-82305/12/83RNone
31Nene HilarioFC6-112609/13/822None
Julius HodgeG6-721011/18/83RNorth Carolina State
3DerMarr JohnsonGF6-92015/5/804Cincinnati
Linas KleizaF6-82451/3/85RMissouri
1Voshon LenardSG6-42055/14/739Minnesota
6Kenyon MartinPF6-924012/30/774Cincinnati
24Andre MillerPG6-22003/19/765Utah
21Eduardo NajeraF6-82357/11/764Oklahoma
10Wesley PersonGF6-62053/28/7110Auburn
41Mark PopeFC6-102459/11/727Kentucky
9Bryon RussellGF6-722512/31/7011Long Beach State
Ricky SanchezF6-7R

The core of the Nuggets rotation is fairly well set, but the bottom end of the roster may be getting a needed infusion of youth. The drafting of Julius Hodge may make Greg Buckner expendable. The same could be said of Kleiza for Mark Pope. The Nuggets are still in need of a shooter. It's possible that Person comes back for another year, but I think they would prefer a younger player. The problem is, I'm not sure how much the Nuggets would be willing to commit to a shooter. Cuttino Mobley would command a high-end salary, but I'm not sure they would be willing to oblige. Kyle Korver would be a nice pick, but I'm not sure that Billy King would give him up without a fight. That would leave Rodney Buford, Marko Jaric, maybe Richie Frahm or Sarunas Jasikevicius.

7Anthony CarterPG6-21956/16/755Hawaii
19Sam CassellPG6-318511/18/6911Florida State
44Ndudi EbiSF6-92006/18/841None
21Kevin GarnettF6-112205/19/769None
41Eddie GriffinF6-102325/30/823Seton Hall
23Trenton HassellSG6-52003/4/793Austin Peay
32Fred HoibergSG6-521010/15/729Iowa State
40Ervin JohnsonC6-1125512/21/6711New Orleans
35Mark MadsenPF6-92361/28/765Stanford
Rashad McCantsG6-42079/25/84RNorth Carolina
34Michael OlowokandiC7-02704/3/756Pacific
8Latrell SprewellGF6-51959/8/7012Alabama
10Wally SzczerbiakSF6-72353/5/775Miami (OH)
12John ThomasPF6-92659/8/757Minnesota
Bracey WrightG6-32107/1/84RIndiana

Drafting Rashad McCants allows the Wolves to effectively sever ties with Sprewell. Eddie Griffin played very well last year and will probably end up with a large chunk of their MLE. Ervin Johnson will probably be brought back as an Olowokandi insurance policy, and Mark Madsen may find himself being the odd man out. Cassell is coming off a recurring back injury and Fred Hoiberg had a pacemaker inserted, so it is likely that the Wolves will be searching for backcourt help. Anthony Carter could conceivably come back though the they will take a long look at Marko Jaric, or Sarunas Jasikevicius.

33Shareef Abdur-RahimF6-924512/11/768California
1Derek AndersonSG6-51957/18/747Kentucky
14Richie FrahmSG6-52108/14/772Gonzaga
Jarrett JackG6-320210/28/83RGeorgia Tech
38Viktor KhryapaSF6-92108/3/82RNone
23Darius MilesGF6-921010/9/814None
25Travis OutlawF6-92059/18/841None
21Ruben PattersonSF6-62237/31/756Cincinnati
10Joel PrzybillaC7-125510/10/794Minnesota
42Theo RatliffFC6-102354/17/739Wyoming
5Ha Seung-JinC7-33058/4/85R
3Damon StoudamirePG5-101749/3/739Arizona
31Sebastian TelfairPG6-01656/9/85RNone
19Nick Van ExelPG6-119511/27/7113Cincinnati
Martell WebsterF6-721012/4/86RNone

It took a few seasons but it appears that the Blazers youth movement is complete. All but a handful of "Trader Bob" Whitsitt's deals remain. Van Exel, Stoudamire, and Abdur-Rahim are all off of the books. If Martell Webster plays as well as expected you may see Patterson and/or Anderson traded by the break. The roster is fairly well balanced, but very young. A big body in the middle to supplant Przybilla and the aging Theo Ratliff is needed, because Ha Jin is years from contributing. Eddy Curry would be great (if healthy), as would Samuel Delambert. If the Blazers opt for more experience Elden Campbell, Tony Massenburg, Scott Williams, or Dikembe Mutombo are possibilities.

19Raja BellSG6-52109/19/764Florida International
5Carlos BoozerPF6-925811/20/814Duke
22Curtis BorchardtC7-02409/13/802Stanford
31Jarron CollinsC6-1125512/2/783Stanford
6Howard EisleyPG6-218512/4/7210Boston College
10Gordan GiricekSG6-52106/20/772None
44Ben HandlogtenPF6-1024011/16/731Western Michigan
15Matt HarpringGF6-72315/31/766Georgia Tech
43Kris HumphriesF6-92352/5/85RMinnesota
47Andrei KirilenkoSF6-92252/18/815Russia
2Randy LivingstonPG6-42094/2/758LSU
25Keith McLeodPG6-218811/5/791Bowling Green
C.J. MilesG6-62103/18/87RNone
13Mehmet OkurC6-112495/26/792None
3Kirk SnyderSG6-62256/5/83RNevada
Robert WhaleyC6-10260RWalsh
Deron WilliamsG6-32106/26/84RIllinois

I like the Jazz roster. It's pretty solid. But I'm beginning to worry that Jerry Sloan is starting to become Larry Brown the Second. Last off-season the Jazz signed Carlos Arroyo to an extension just under the MLE, but after multiple injuries to the Jazz front line, and a slow start Arroyo was shipped off to the Pistons for a soon to be waived Elden Campbell. I'd really hate for Coach Sloan to get ants in his pants and take apart a promising roster. Deron Williams will get the first shot at starting PG, but between McLeod, Livingston, and Eisley I'd keep Eisley as a back up, he is the only known quantity. Raja Bell is rumored to be moving on to Phoenix, so that leaves a hole at back-up SG. Bonzi Wells or Maurice Evans would be better options than Kirk Snyder. 

z-Phoenix6220.756--31-1031-1012-438-14Lost 17-3
x-Sacramento5032.61012.030-1120-2110-628-24Won 16-4
LA Clippers3745.45125.027-1410-316-1020-32Won 15-5
LA Lakers3448.41528.022-1912-296-1021-31Lost 61-9
Golden State3448.41528.020-2114-276-1020-32Won 37-3

10Leandro BarbosaPG6-318811/28/821None
45Steven HunterFC7-024010/31/813DePaul
21Jim JacksonGF6-622010/14/7012Ohio State
2Joe JohnsonGF6-72306/29/813Arkansas
31Shawn MarionF6-72285/7/785UNLV
0Walter McCartyF6-102302/1/748Kentucky
13Steve NashPG6-31952/7/748Santa Clara
46Bo OutlawPF6-82204/13/7111Houston
17Paul ShirleyF6-1023012/23/772Iowa State
32Amare StoudemireFC6-1024511/16/822None
40Kurt ThomasPF6-923510/4/7210TCU
Dijon ThompsonGF6-71953/23/83RUCLA
43Jake VoskuhlC6-1125511/1/774Connecticut

There is no way in hell that the Suns let Joe Johnson walk out the door. Having said that, it is entirely possible that a few of their other free agents could be let go to make way for the return of Michael Finley. Trading Richardson for Thomas makes a lot of sense when you consider how porous their defense was last year, and how Q seemed to disappear in the playoffs. The Suns may switch out some of their "spare part" big men but, other than that I don't see the Suns making too many moves this off-season.

10Mike BibbyPG6-21905/13/786Arizona
15Erik DanielsF6-82144/1/82RKentucky
5Maurice EvansSG6-522011/8/783Texas
Francisco GarciaGF6-719512/31/81RLouisville
50Eddie HouseSG6-11755/14/784Arizona State
24Bobby JacksonPG6-11853/13/737Minnesota
23Kevin MartinSG6-71852/1/83RWestern Carolina
52Brad MillerC7-02614/12/766Purdue
3Cuttino MobleySG6-42159/1/756Rhode Island
00Greg OstertagC7-22803/6/739Kansas
54Brian SkinnerFC6-92655/19/766Baylor
25Darius SongailaPF6-92482/14/782Wake Forest
16Peja StojakovicSF6-102296/9/776None
9Kenny ThomasPF6-72457/25/775New Mexico
34Corliss WilliamsonF6-724512/4/739Arkansas

The Kings were somewhat exposed in the second half of the season and into the playoffs. Without Divac and Webber to create shots and movement the offense consisted of Mike Bibby and Brad Miller. Stojakovic had trouble getting off his shot, and Bibby shouldered most of the offensive burden as a result. The Kings need a big man with good hands who can pass reliably. Antoine Walker fits the bill, but I'm not sure the Kings are confident enough in his shooting or post moves to accommodate. Vladimir Radmanovic and Austin Croshere may get a look here, but it looks like the Kings may stand pat.

42Elton BrandPF6-82723/11/795Duke
9Rick BrunsonPG6-42056/14/727Temple
0Lionel ChalmersPG6-018011/10/80RXavier
Daniel EwingG6-31853/26/83RDuke
20Marko JaricG6-721710/12/782None
35Chris KamanC7-02654/28/821Central Michigan
30Kerry KittlesSG6-5

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