December 13, 2003

Sleeping Through the Regular Season.: NBA picks even Steve Javie wouldn't toss out.

Well through Friday's (December 12, 2003) games my record is a sterling 78-47. Not bad. 62.4%. That's still higher than Shaq's Free Throw percentage.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Utah @ WASHINGTON 7:00 pm NC8, FSN, NBALP The Bullets have sorely missed Arenas and Stackhouse. Arenas is just coming back into the fold, I'm not sure about Stack. As weak as the Atlantic is, if they get healthy they might still have a chance at the playoffs. Utah. Golden State @ NEW YORK 7:30 pm FSBay, MSG, NBALP Nick at Night. In MSG. The possibilities. Probabilities: Nick shoots threes, Cardinal gets a floor-burn. McDyess disappoints, and the Knicks will rely way too much on Kurt Thomas. Golden State. Atlanta @ MIAMI 7:30 pm FSO, Sunshine This game is actually going to be televised? Miami. Houston @ MINNESOTA 8:00 pm FSN, Ch.51, SCORE, NBATV Houston has lost Eddie Griffin, and Mo Taylor this season. And John Amaechi still barely gets spot duty. Houston. Sacramento @ MEMPHIS 8:00 pm News10, WPXX, NBALP Personally, I hope J-Will plays in this game and shows Sacramento up. Sacramento. Orlando @ CHICAGO 8:30 pm WRBW, WGN, NBALP There were such high expectations for these teams at the beginning of the season. Now it seems as if their starting from scratch (again). Orlando. New Orleans @ DENVER 9:00 pm CST, FSN, NBALP According to the Houston Chronicle, Baron Davis went on a weight program because he was tired of Steve Francis' constant ribbing over his weight. Francis suggested a diet much like the low-salt diet he was on for his ear disorder. New Orleans. Seattle @ PHOENIX 9:00 pm FSAZ, KONG, NBALP Phoenix is in a tailspin so bad it may fall out of the playoff picture in January. Seattle. Milwaukee @ PORTLAND 10:00 pm FSNW, UPN 24, NBALP Rasheed, Rasheed, Rasheed. If you're going to claim that your being exploited, you can't make more cash than some countries GNP. Portland.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Miami @ PHILADELPHIA 7:00 pm CSN, Sunshine, RSNE, NBALP AI has been playing banged up (again), and the Sixers have a hard time rallying the troops in a few tough ones. Who's in town again? Philadelphia. Houston @ CLEVELAND 7:00 pm FSOhio, Ch.51, NBALP Stevie was calling Baron fat. Do you think Baron called him an over-dribbling ballhog? Houston. Orlando @ INDIANA 7:00 pm WRBW, FSMW, NBALP This may be the make or break portion of the Magic's season. 9 of their next 12 games are away games. Indiana. Utah @ NEW JERSEY 7:30 pm KJZZ, YES, NBALP What the hell is going on with the Nets? They don't miss Zo, because he was never a big cog in their team, so what could it be? Has the league "figured them out"? Utah. Golden State @ ATLANTA 7:30 pm Turner South, NBALP I want to see Mike Dunleavy abuse Boris Diaw. I need Mike Dunleavy to abuse Boris Diaw. My fantasy team needs it. Golden State. Chicago @ DETROIT 7:30 pm FSChi, UPN 50, NBALP Detroit has issues. I don't think its too early to say that Larry Brown will leave this team in say, 2 seasons (just like the others). Detroit. Dallas @ BOSTON 8:00 pm FSNE, FSSW, ESPN Raef LaFrentz is shutting it down. Let me rephrase that, Danny Ainge has told Raef to shut it down. Dallas. Toronto @ SAN ANTONIO 8:30 pm RSN, FSSW, NBALP The Spurs haven't played all that well lately, and yet, we're seeing some fire out of Duncan. This does not bode well for the rest of the league. San Antonio. Denver @ SEATTLE 10:00 pm Vladimir Radmanovic looks like a wookie. Denver. Milwaukee @ L.A. CLIPPERS 10:30 pm FSN2, UPN 24, NBALP Terry really ought to demand that TJ go to the bucket more. His FG % will go up his FTA will go up, and his AST woud go up as well. It's not like he's playing major minutes. L.A. Clippers.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Dallas @ MINNESOTA 7:30 pm KTXA, TNT, RSNO As much as I hate Dallas, I've got to say, Josh Howard looks like a keeper. Dallas. Sacramento @ NEW ORLEANS 8:00 pm CST, News10, NBALP Do we call Brad Miller "Mr. Triple-Double" now? Sacramento. Phoenix @ PORTLAND 10:00 pm TNT, RSNP This one could get ugly, 2 good teams playing badly trying to scrape together a good win. Someone is going to become "Wants-to-fight-guy". My money is on Patterson. Portland.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Cleveland @ PHILADELPHIA 7:00 pm CSN, WUAB, NBALP Allen takes LeBron to his favorite tattoo parlor and buys him a 2 gallon bottle of "I Love my Tattoo" ointment. Cleveland. Golden State @ ORLANDO 7:00 pm FSBay, Sunshine, NBALP Drew Gooden is caught on the Warriors bus after the game trying to "run away". Golden State. New York @ TORONTO 7:00 pm RSN, MSG, RSNE, NBALP Who'd have thought the Knicks would miss Allen Houston so bad? Toronto. Utah @ BOSTON 7:30 pm FSNE, KJZZ, NBALP Wow. Ainge was right, Welsch can play. O'Brien even took my advice and plays him at the 3. Admit it, I'm a genius. Say it. Say it! Utah. Washington @ NEW JERSEY 7:30 pm YES, WB50, NBALP Blech. New Jersey. Sacramento @ ATLANTA 7:30 pm UPN Atlanta, NBALP Someone tell the Hawks to burn those booger green "retro" jerseys. Sacramento. Detroit @ INDIANA 8:00 pm UPN 50, FSMW, ESPN "For Jones, the recent improvement has given him bragging rights over locker neighbor Scot Pollard, who's hitting just .304 from the field. 'I'm having a little contest with Scot here,' Jones smiled. 'We're at the bottom of the list. I'm trying to pull myself out of it.'- from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. That can't be good. Indiana. Miami @ MEMPHIS 8:00 pm FSO, Sunshine, NBALP One is a team with heart. The other a surefire loser. Guess which is which? Memphis. L.A. Clippers @ HOUSTON 8:30 pm Ch.51, KTLA, NBALP Watching Glen Rice shoot down the Mavs was unbelievable. And will someone give Corey Maggette an All-Star nod, or the MIP please? Houston. Denver @ L.A. LAKERS 10:30 pm FSN, RSN, W+P, NBALP Kobe currently leads the WC in All-Star Ballotting. All together now, "Awwwww." Hopefully this quiets the "Kobe-gate" coverage. L.A. Lakers. San Antonio @ SEATTLE 10:30 pm KONG, KENS, ESPN Rashard Lewis isn't looking too bad this season. Why aren't teams placing more physical defenders on him. Jersey did with Kenyon Martin and it worked. San Antonio.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Atlanta @ NEW YORK 7:30 pm Turner South, MSG, NBALP If you have tickets to this game please take a helmet to the Garden with you. New York. Memphis @ NEW ORLEANS 8:00 pm WPXX, CST, NBALP Let me get this straight, in the reallignment both of these teams will play in the west? New Orleans. Cleveland @ CHICAGO 8:30 pm FSChi, WUAB, NBATV Scottie screws the Bulls. There's a new one huh? Cleveland. New Jersey @ MILWAUKEE 8:30 pm FSN, YES, NBALP Byron, hire Richard Jefferson a shooting coach. Stat. New Jersey. L.A. Clippers @ DALLAS 8:30 pm FSSW, KTLA, RSNO+W, NBALP It's the rematch we've all been waiting for. Dallas. Indiana @ MINNESOTA 9:00 pm FSN, WTTV Michael Olowokandi is once again stealing someone's money. Just thank God it's not your team's money. Minnesota. Seattle @ DENVER 9:00 pm KONG, KTVD, NBALP Has someone let Andre Miller know that he is not the Alpha Dog on this squad? Denver. Houston @ PHOENIX 9:00 pm FSAZ, Ch.51, NBALP Steve, Yao is open. Yao is open. Yao is, never mind. Houston. San Antonio @ PORTLAND 10:00 pm FSNW, KRRT, NBALP, RSNP How Tim Duncan keeps a straight face when he plays against Rasheed, I'll never know.

Put it to Sleep: Friday, December 19, 2003 Sacramento @ ATLANTA, 7:30 pm.

That's all for this week. Agree, Disagree, have a sharp pointy thing you'd like to jab at your teams star player (or a ref) after a particularly bad loss? Air out your grievances here. It's therapy. Hold me!

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