December 05, 2003

Sleeping Through the Regular Season: NBA picks so good my cat stopped licking his ass to read.

To be quite honest, I haven't tallied last weeks picks but I will give my record in the comments so that you may laugh, rejoice, or ignore.

Sunday, December 7, 2003

Minnesota @ L.A. CLIPPERS. 3:30 pm UPN29, KTLA, NBALP The TWolves have slipped, but they haven't slipped this far. Minnesota. Seattle @ TORONTO 4:00 pm --NBALP, TSN I owe Scott Carefoot an apology. But still, we both know the Raps can't keep shooting at their current clip. Toronto. Portland @ MEMPHIS 4:00 pm KGW, WMC, NBALP Here's a real love fest huh? Hubie sticks to a pretty solid 10 man rotation. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if Bonzi got extended minutes in this one. Still got that tape? Memphis. Boston @ DENVER 9:00 pm FSNE, NBATV Today (December 5) the Nuggets are leading the Midwest Division by half a game. Denver. Indiana @ SACRAMENTO 9:00 pm NBATV As good as Indiana's record looks, their only "quality wins" are against Detroit and New Orleans. Now they're on a Western road trip. Sacramento. Utah @ L.A. LAKERS 9:30 pm KJZZ, FSN, NBALP If it were up to me, Jerry Sloan would be putting his Coach of the Year acceptance speech together already. L.A. Lakers.

Monday, December 8, 2003

Phoenix @ ORLANDO 7:00 pm UPN 45, Sunshine, RSNO, NBATV The Colangelo's went on record to say that they haven't even talked about thinking of firing Frank Johnson. Let the countdown officially begin. Phoenix. Milwaukee @ NEW ORLEANS 8:00 pm UPN 24, NBALP TJ Ford is 13th in the league in assists at 5.9 apg, second highest for rookies behind LeBron. TJ only plays 26.5 minutes a game. If he raises his shooting percentages, I guarantee he'll get more minutes, and more assists. New Orleans. San Antonio @ CHICAGO 8:30 pm FSSW, FSChi, NBALP Trades often give a team an infusion of energy and confidence that maybe grabs them 2 or 3 wins. Who are the bulls playing again? San Antonio. Boston @ UTAH 9:00 pm FSNE, RSNW, NBALP "I don't think we understand how to play without me yet. I think that's going to be the key for us all year, because the good teams in this league know how to play without their star player in the game, and that's what we have to do because we're talented enough." -Paul Pierce. I think Paul just misses Antoine. Utah.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Toronto @ CLEVELAND 7:00 pm FSOhio, NBALP, TSN I like that O'Neill has got Alvin at the 2, but I'm not sure if Jalen at the 1 is a long term solution. He has a tendency to hold the ball too long. Toronto. Washington @ INDIANA 7:00 pm CSN, FSMW, NBALP Eddie Jordan is preaching patience, and is trying to emphasize the positives. But even at 10th in the Conference, its the East, and I like their chances of making the playoffs. Indiana. Seattle @ NEW JERSEY 7:30 pm KONG, YES, NBALP Seattle has had a pretty good record, but they haven't really played anyone either. Their only "quality wins" came against Portland and Houston. New Jersey. Phoenix @ MIAMI 7:30 pm Sunshine, UPN 45, NBALP "I shot 31 times and went to the line once. I know I'm not one of the higher-echelon players in the NBA -- I'm not at that level -- but I've never guarded a guy that shot the ball 31 times and only went to the line one time." - Lamar Odom, after scoring 22 points in a loss to the Pistons. It's called good defense Lamar, something which your team doesn't play. Phoenix. Denver @ ATLANTA 7:30 pm FSN, FSO, NBALP "They're not so happy because I don't find Krispy Kreme. They want Krispy Kreme. I like the Dunkin' Donuts. What's wrong with them?"-Rookie Boris Diaw, in the Dec. 5 Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on fulfilling his rookie duties as doughnut caterer for the team. Man, who says the French aren't funny? Denver. Philadelphia @ DETROIT 7:30 pm CSN, FSDet, NBALP Glenn Robinson, Marc Jackson, and Derrick Coleman are all injured. They each outweigh AI by at least 50-60 lbs. Even with all that padding they're injured, and AI still keeps playing. Detroit. Golden State @ MINNESOTA 8:00 pm UPN29, FSBay, NBALP Making Olowokandi the anchor of your defense is like trying to support a house on a handful of toothpicks. Minnesota. Portland @ HOUSTON 8:30 pm Ch.51, FSNW, NBALP "Dude stuffs the fabric softener (inside) the bottle. Then, he pokes a hole at the bottom of the bottle. And he exhales through the bottle. The room smells like laundry."-A Trail Blazer, in the Dec. 3 Oregonian, revealing how a teammate tried to conceal marijuana use with help from fabric softener. I swear, you can't make this stuff up. It's comic gold. Houston. L.A. Clippers @ SACRAMENTO 10:00 pm FSN2, NBALP The most compelling thing about this game, will be the news about Webber's lawsuit against his shoe company. Sacramento. NY Knicks @ L.A. LAKERS 10:30 pm MSG, FSN, NBATV, SCORE Before the season, a longtime NBA scout said the Knicks "may have the worst passing starting five in NBA history"-via NY Daily News. Milos Vujanic to the white courtesy phone please. L.A. Lakers.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Seattle @ BOSTON 7:00 pm FSNE, NBALP Coach McMillan has placed Flip on the bench to provide a spark. Anyone else smell a 6th man nomination? Boston. Orlando @ WASHINGTON 7:00 pm Sunshine, CSN, NBATV Someone get a mirror and check if Tracy McGrady is still breathing. Washington. Golden State @ MILWAUKEE 8:00 pm FSBay, FSN, NBALP George Karl valued Tim Thomas as the future star of the Bucks. The only stat Thomas currently leads his team in? Fouls. Golden State. Atlanta @ MEMPHIS 8:00 pm FSO, NBALP Why doesn't every coach play a 10 man rotation? Memphis. Portland @ SAN ANTONIO 8:30 pm KGW, FSSW, NBALP Wallace vs. Duncan used to be quite a matchup. What happened to that? San Antonio. NY Knicks @ UTAH 9:00 pm MSG-Metro, FSN, NBALP You ever think Layden longs to be back with the Jazz? Utah. Dallas @ L.A. CLIPPERS 10:30 pm FSN, FSSW, RSNP, NBALP Finally Dallas beats L.A. at home. Dallas.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Detroit @ CLEVELAND 7:30 pm --TNT The only "quality win" LeBron owns? Against Philly, in OT. Detroit. San Antonio @ HOUSTON 8:30 pm Ch.51, FSSW, NBALP Did you know Yao was partially deaf in his left ear? Me neither! San Antonio. New Orleans @ PHOENIX 10:00 pm --TNT I don't care if Tim Floyd gets to the Eastern Conference Finals, he's still not Coach of the Year. New Orleans.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Denver @ PHILADELPHIA 7:00 pm WPSG, FSN, NBALP The Nuggets are pretty scary right now, but imagine in a year or two, should Rodney White, or Nikoloz Tskitishvilli develop. Denver. Minnesota @ WASHINGTON 7:00 pm CSN, FSN, NBALP Minnesota has had a mixed schedule early, but unfortunately the Midwest Division is much tougher this season than originally expected. Minnesota. Toronto @ BOSTON 7:30 pm FSNE, RSN, NBALP For the first time in a long time, it will be Paul Pierce looking longingly at the Raptors squad, and not the other way around. Toronto. Memphis @ MIAMI 7:30 pm FSO, WBFS, NBALP Jason Williams and Lamar Odom. One gets it, the other doesn't. I'll let you figure it out. Memphis. Atlanta @ INDIANA 7:30 pm WTTV, UPN Atlanta, NBALP Whew, for a minute their Indy had to play actual NBA-caliber squads! Indiana. New Jersey @ ORLANDO 8:00 pm YES, Sunshine, NBALP There are whispers that Jason Kidd may no longer be "untouchable". Dropping major payroll does make a team more appetizing to a potential buyer, but losing games doesn't. New Jersey. Seattle @ DETROIT 8:00 pm KONG, FSDet, ESPN Has Darko scored yet? Points, you perv. Detroit. Chicago @ MILWAUKEE 8:30 pm FSChi, NBALP Do you think Antonio Davis scares Eddy Curry with his stone hands? Chicago. Sacramento @ UTAH 9:00 pm KJZZ, NBALP This would be an interesting first round playoff series wouldn't it? Sacramento. Dallas @ L.A. LAKERS 10:30 pm FSN, KTVT, TSN, ESPN How about we name this one "RETURN OF THE ROYAL ASS KICKING". L.A. Lakers. New Orleans @ GOLDEN STATE 10:30 pm FSBay, CST, NBALP "He's our point guard. I have to like him." -C Erick Dampier, joking about his friendship with G Nick Van Exel, in the SF Chronicle. Erick Dampier, the Big Man who made a funny. New Orleans.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Denver @ NY KNICKS 7:30 pm KTVD, MSG, NBALP Do Knick Fans have buyers remorse yet? Denver. Orlando @ ATLANTA 7:30 pm Turner South, WRBW, NBALP Insert mediocre squad joke here. Orlando. Boston @ CLEVELAND 7:30 pm FSNE, WUAB, RSNE, NBATV I think Paul looks longingly at the Cleveland roster too. Cleveland. New Jersey @ MEMPHIS 8:00 pm WPXX, YES, RSNO, NBALP Is it gauche to call JWill the "Next Jason Kidd"? Memphis. Indiana @ CHICAGO 8:30 pm WGN, WTTV, NBALP Artest still doesn't have a T? Indiana. Houston @ SAN ANTONIO 8:30 pm Ch.51, KRRT, RSNW, NBALP Has the league rescinded Duncan's "technical foul" yet? San Antonio. L.A. Lakers @ PORTLAND 10:00 pm KGW, KCAL, RSNP, NBALP Whatever happened to the "Kobe-Stopper"? L.A. Lakers. Phoenix @ L.A. CLIPPERS 10:30 pm KTLA, UPN 45, NBALP Anyone have a quarter, or a dime? Seriously, this is a toss-up. L.A. Clippers.

Put it to Sleep: Tuesday, December 9 NY Knicks at L.A. Lakers.

There you have it folks. Your look ahead at the upcoming week in "the L". Agree, Disagree, have something to add, subtract, confirm or deny? Drop me a comment or two, or twenty. I lied before, I do read these things. I just don't listen to any advice.

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