October 16, 2007

Heisman: I didn't really know where to ask this sports-related question but figured y'all would be among the best to help answer: how is it determined who are among the Heisman candidates in NCAAF? Why is #3 Boston College's QB Matt Ryan (17:6, 2148) considered in all the discussions but #22 Texas Tech's QB Graham Harrell (31:3, 3151) not, for instance? Or freshman phenom WR Michael Crabtree (1244 yards, 17 TDs through 7 games). Again, apologies if this sort of query is misplaced, but I couldn't find anywhere else to ask.

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Seems a reasonable question to me. IAC I am hearing Harrell's name the last couple of weeks, since JD Booty dropped off, but in general a freshman is not going to get much consideration.

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The locker room is fine for asking sports or SpoFi-related questions. How is it determined who are among the Heisman candidates in NCAAF? Its actually pretty arbitrary. There is no "standardized" ranking for it that I'm aware of. Its a popularity contest. Need proof? Look no further than the disclaimer from ESPN's latest Heisman Watch (Where Ryan is currently ranked #1, and Harrell #5):

Each week, ESPN.com's panel of experts casts its votes for the top Heisman candidates. The panel consists of analysts, former players, former coaches and ESPN.com's college football staff.
So essentially ESPN's "ranking" is based upon the opinion of various people with college football "knowledge". You might want to take a look at Wikipedia's Heisman page for an idea as to what factors into a given person's (in this case the wiki user's) selection process.

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I think certain players with gaudy numbers get penalized in the voters'/analysts' minds for (a) playing inferior competition, and/or (b) playing in a system in which reasonably competent players will put up big numbers at certain positions. Someone like Colt Brennan of Hawaii fits into category (a), while the Texas Tech guys you mentioned fit into category (b). Whether and to what extent those factors should cut against candidates is a subject for debate, I suppose.

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*marks lilnemo's answer as best* *claps*

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