July 05, 2007

Grand Slam Fantasy Wimbledon edition : on to the...semis?: Courtesy of the annual English monsoon, the schedule got seriously skewed, forcing us to have to hang back and wait for the results of Nadal vs. Soderling and V. Williams vs. Sharapova before the third round was complete. And now the women are nearly done with the quarterfinals while the men haven't even started. What a tournament.

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Although the women have obviously finished the fourth round, I'm only going to post through the third round because the men aren't done with the fourth round yet. So here's what we've got:

SpoFiteRound 1 WomenRound 1 Men Round 2 WomenRound 2 Men Round 3 WomenRound 3 Men Total WomenTotal Men
The Crafty Sousepaw10101010882828
Ufez Jones101010101093029
lil brown bat101010101083028
Weedy McSmokey101010101073027
In other words, the numbers are pretty tight due to everyone getting through the first two rounds, but the wheels are starting to fall off the wagon in the fourth round. (and oh yeah, that was of course venus vs. sharapova in the fourth...early morning...)

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Venus waxed Sharapova. I always think it is funny when a player (Sharapova) gets so excited about finally managing to hold serve. Venus's services games took about 45 seconds while Sharapova's took forever. That's good news for LBB since she was the only person who picked Venus. And, now Venus beat Kuznetsova as well.

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In other news, am I the only one that is beginning to really, really dislike Nadal?

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Bperk sure gets chatty when she's kicking everyone's butt, doesn't she? You are so going down in the Open. Regrettably, the only match I've seen any part of was the most recent Roddick victory, and I can say without reservation that I really, really dislike Mathieu. What a punk. And maybe it's me -- maybe it's the constant cut-aways -- but Roddick is looking more and more like Connors to me on the court. The way he sprinted from one side of the court to the other after coming back from 3-6 in the final set tie-breaker to even it up was very Connors-esque.

posted by The Crafty Sousepaw at 10:04 AM on July 05, 2007

I think one thing that Connors has been trying to teach Roddick is, "Move your feet, idiot!" I've missed both of Venus's last matches and I'm hoping they'll be replayed. I'm betting on a Henin-Venus final.

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I'm not winning, Crafty. I think Yukon or lbb will win on the women's side, and the men's side is too close to call. I'm hoping that I don't end up as the only person to not receive a trophy at all. You already have your trophy, so no more bellyaching from you. I did watch a lot of tennis yesterday, so maybe that's why I'm chatty.

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I have half a trophy. I have to share it with a teenager with a blind spot for spelling his own username. I let him have it first, not knowing that he was heading off to camp for the summer, and I'll probably never see it now. Yes, I want more trophies. I want to be the Federer of fantasy tennis. I want to walk down the street and have people point and say, "There goes The Crafty Sousepaw... the greatest fantasy tennis player who ever lived." Or at least once have somebody post, "The Crafty Sousepaw is a fantasy robot." But, you know, mean it in a good way. I wish I was watching a lot of good tennis today. Instead, I'm listening to some really terrible baseball. Maybe that's why I'm so chatty.

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You had a great gift, a talent, but it's not enough. I think you're a loser.

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Mom? I can't tell you how many rules you're breaking right now. One: stay off my blogs. Two: stop calling me a loser in public. Three...gah, you're really cheesing me off right now. I'm coming upstairs.

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Funny stuff. I would love to hear an argument between you and your mom with her only using quotes from The Natural.

posted by bperk at 06:05 PM on July 05, 2007

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