June 12, 2007

SpoFi 2007 Grand Slam Fantasy Game: on to Wimbledon!

The French Open is over and the weary, clay-streaked SpoFites of the 2007 Grand Slam Fantasy Game are ready to cross the Channel for England's green and pleasant land. And, just to extend (expand?) the fun, we are re-opening the game for new teams! So if you missed the French Open window (which I think was all of about twelve hours) but would like to play some fantasy tennis for the two remaining Grand Slam events, c'mon in!

Rules inside...

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Updated for Wimbledon and the new teams... The general idea: You select a team of singles players. As your players compete in Grand Slam events, they accumulate points for wins. Braggin' rights for winners of each Slam event (men's and women's) and for the overall at the conclusion of the US Open (plus, of course, the Costanza). Rules: 1. Points will be accumulated for play in the singles brackets of the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. 2. Prior to the start of Wimbledon (June 25th, each new contestant must pick a starting team of four men and four women, and an "injury replacement pool" of three men and three women. These will be your players for both Wimbledon and the US Open. 3. Prior to the start of play in the first round of each tournament, all players must rank your "starting team". This rank cannot changed during the tournament. Rank is from 1 to 4, with your best player being ranked 1. 4. Following each round of the tournament, you will be allocated points as follows: * 4 points for a win by your #1 player * 3 points for a win by your #2 player * 2 points for a win by your #3 player * 1 point for a win by your #4 player 5. Injury substitutions a) At any point up to the start of play of a tournament, you may substitute one player from your injury replacement pool for a player on your team. You may also re-rank your team at this time. You may change your injury substitution selection(s) at any time up to the start of tournament play. b) You may substitute up to three players due to injury (the number in your injury reserve pool). c) Substitutions are only allowed for players who will not begin play in the tournament because of injury. Injury substitutions are not allowed during the course of a tournament, nor for players who are injured but who elect to begin tournament play anyway. d)If you replace an injured player, at the conclusion of the tournament, the replacement player is returned to the injury reserve pool and the original player is considered to be part of the slate for the next tournament. If the original player is still injured at the start of the next tournament, you may elect to replace the player with any player from the injury reserve pool. 6. Bragging rights will be awarded as follows: men's and women's champion for each tournament, men's and women's Grand Slam, Grand Slam champion, and (of course) costanza. Example entry Starting team: Roger Federer Serena Williams Rafael Nadal Venus Williams James Blake Amalie Mauresmo Tommy Haas Maria Sharapova Injury reserve pool: Marcos Bagdhatis Gael Monfils Guillermo Canas Justine Henin Shahar Peer Jelena Jankovic Rankings for Wimbledon: 1. Roger Federer 2. Rafael Nadal 3. James Blake 4. Tommy Haas 1. Serena Williams 2. Amelie Mauresmo 3. Venus Williams 4. Maria Sharapova Make sense?

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Some tips, suggestions, etc.: - Feel free to select and order your team at any point, but since injuries happen and the draw matters, you're better off if you wait until very close to the tournament to make your picks. - The Wimbledon draw will take place on June 22nd. Results will be posted here. - The WTA rankings and ATP rankings are helpful in selecting your team, although consider that they're based on past performance. I'll post a link to the Wimbledon seedings when I have one -- note that these factor in performance on grass, unlike the French seedings which do not factor in performance on clay, so the seedings will be worth waiting for. - Don't pick any US men or that bum Mauresmo and you will probably avoid the Costanza. Have lots of fun and strawberries!

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Don't pick any US men or that bum Mauresmo and you will probably avoid the Costanza. Hah! No one else shall suffer our fates.

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Here is the original thread, so the old-timers can see who we picked.

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Blokes: Federer Nalbandian Roddick Hewitt Sheilas: Shaparova Serena Mauresmo Hingis I won't bother with reserves, since I'm going to be out of range for 2-3 weeks and won't even see any of the tournament. Huzzah!

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The draws are available now, so time to pick your team.

posted by bperk at 09:12 AM on June 22, 2007

Women's 1. Henin 2. Sharapova 3. Williams 4. Mauresmo Men's 1. Federer 2. Nadal 3. Roddick 4. Davydenko

posted by bperk at 11:14 AM on June 22, 2007

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