February 28, 2007

Boston meetup?: I'm hopping on a busload of Habs fans Saturday morning. Destination: the Canadiens-Bruins game at Financial Institution Center. I have free time before and after the game. Any of you Boston Spofites up for a drink with a strapping young French Canadian lad? Manifest yourselves!

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Before the game = between 3 and 6ish. After the game = from 10ish, I guess. My knowledge of Boston is slim, so I would let you locals pick a spot. My group is staying at the Radisson, so someplace near there and the Whatever Bank Garden would be best, but I really don't mind a subway ride, so I'll follow your recommendation.

posted by qbert72 at 10:48 AM on February 28, 2007

Damn. Wish I lived near there. Sounds like a great time.

posted by hawkguy at 11:22 AM on February 28, 2007

If you are driving you may pass by me on I-89 in Vermont (exit 3). But I am not up for your manfest... oh.. You said manIfest. I don't read Canadian. :P Have fun!

posted by scully at 11:55 AM on February 28, 2007

Unfortunately, I have plans. Have fun!

posted by jerseygirl at 11:59 AM on February 28, 2007

I'm normally in town Wed-Fri each week...I could make it any other time of the year, but it's winter and unfortunately I have my weekend job at the mountain! (terp, I didn't know you lived in my neck of the woods)

posted by lil_brown_bat at 01:12 PM on February 28, 2007

p.s. qbert, are you getting into town that Saturday, or earlier? Do you need any local knowledge? I work (when I'm in town) right near your hotel.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 08:25 PM on February 28, 2007

l_b_b, I arrive Saturday afternoon, and leave Sunday at noon, so I don't have much time. Some sightseeing and a light meal in the afternoon, a night out after the game, and that will pretty much be it. Any pointers would be much appreciated, yes. Thanks!

posted by qbert72 at 08:44 AM on March 01, 2007

Boston is a walking city, and you'll be close to sightseeing central, so you can give yourself a short walking tour in the time you have. A lot of the historical junk comes together at the Common, which is sort of a block over and up from your hotel. There's a visitor's center on the Park Street side that can get you pointed to wherever you want to go. You're also pretty well situated for food: more or less in the theater district and a couple blocks from Chinatown. Chinatown is a great place for late post-game eats and Sunday morning dim sum (I recommend Chau Chow City on Essex Street for the latter). Boston Chinatown leans strngly towards Cantonese, so go for the seafood, noodle soups and such, and stay away from Hunan or Szechuan dishes -- they put 'em on there because people ask for 'em, but it's not what they do best. Also, the Big Fat Bank Center is near the North End, where you can get some good Italian food (they're not open as late as the places in Chinatown, though). I recommend Pagliuca's on Parmenter Street -- nothing fancy but they make fresh fusilli every day. To get to the game, I'd suggest taking the Green Line (closest station to your hotel is at the corner of Arlington and Boylston Streets). Take an inbound train (if you get on at that station) whose destination is Lechmere, and get off at North Station (if you get the wrong train it's no big deal, you'll just have to get off at an earlier stop and wait for a train that's going to where you want to go). The Green Line and other subways/trollies stop running way too early (last train is about 12:30 am) so after that you'll need a cab. If you're having a late-night dinner in Chinatown and walking alone, you might prefer to cab it back to the hotel (it's not a truly high-crime area but sometimes stuff happens). Have fun, wish I could be there,

posted by lil_brown_bat at 09:15 AM on March 01, 2007

it's not a truly high-crime area but sometimes stuff happens Watch out for the Donnelly's. They're a mean bunch.

posted by SummersEve at 11:25 AM on March 01, 2007

Thanks for such detailed information, l_b_b, very kind of you.

posted by qbert72 at 02:45 PM on March 02, 2007

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